Ok, I think I overscheduled

I honestly thought I’d be in bed before midnight tonight. Oh well, did get enough sleep the last two days. And I failed to do much reading, but I did watch TV (finished Daily Show, Battlestar Galactica, SNL and started Smallville) and just finished uploading some shows to archive.org. Now I just have to process them tomorrow and upload one more, but that one’s ready to go, I’m just too tired to do it tonight.

Front loaded weekend

Jill worked all week and worked again Sunday day, so we squeezed a weekend’s worth of entertainment into Friday night and Saturday. I looked at the amount of hours I had to work Friday compared to the time I wanted to leave and knew it would be close, and when a co-worker suggested La Madeleine in Reston for lunch, realized it would be better to work Sunday for a couple hours and go out to lunch Friday in the nice weather, then run some errands in Reston. So I had the croque monsieur and a side caesar salad at La Madeleine, then went to Barnes & Noble and used some gift cards to pick up the new best of Alanis Morissette (more essiential if you’re a fan, I count 8 songs I don’t have other places), Queen’s A Night at the Opera: 30th Anniversary Edition (a nice new CD/DVD set with videos for every song, and the British magazine Classic Rock, which had a Queen tribute CD attached (with 7 tracks I didn’t have). Then I went to the library for some books on Europe to help plan our trip, then gassed up and hit the ATM.

I worked until 4, then went home and we played with Illa before heading out around 5:30. Traffic wasn’t bad for a Friday night, and we were in Foggy Bottom around 6:30. We found a good parking spot, and showed up at Dish just a little late. It was Restaurant Week in DC, which meant a $30.06 fixed price dinner (lunch would have been $20.06). We had a fabulous meal – I had the four bean soup, Atlantic cod, and apple compote, while Jill had mac and cheese, steak, and pear cake. I was absoutely stuffed after the meal, but it was only our first stop. It was already 8:45, and we were planning on being at the 9:30 Club at 9. We got there shortly after, but doors opened late.

We were there to see both emmet swimming and Quitter UK, who share a singer and bassist and were playing together for the first time. Since I have the only emmet site other than the official one, they have me do things for their site, and they’d asked me to take some new pictures of them for it. I asked for VIP seats in return. They’re the row of barstools just below the top bar, the nicest place in the 9:30 to see a show. We got almost dead center seats and I set up my video camera. Not many people had showed when Quitter UK took the stage, but they had a good time. My friend Norm didn’t make it until the very end of their set. Good set, on the short side but they were the first band (meant no fine selection of covers as usual). Lloyd Dobler Effect (which played between) was good, especially their percussionist. emmet was the headliner, so they had the crowd in their hands from the beginning. I enjoyed the show immensely, but Jill’s sleep deficit caught up with her hard and she retreated to the car for the last 30 minutes of the set (I would have left if I hadn’t been recording and taking pictures). There was a nice tease of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” as well as a sloppy cover of the Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – both fun. Show didn’t end until 1:30, and we didn’t get home until 2:30, as the heavens opened up on the way home, slowing down by the time we got to the main toll booth. Jill went to bed and I walked Illa, getting back just in time to hear the biggest boom of thunder I’d ever heard, waking Jill up and scaring Illa.

I got up at 8:30 after going to sleep at 3:30 – I knew I’d be facing my own sleep deficit soon. But I’d made a 9:30 Neurosoma appointment knowing it was the only time I could go. Went to Petsmart and Safeway on the way home for some essientials, made it home by 1. Jill slept in until then, and she felt much better. We straightened up the place and we were ready for Meg when she showed up from Charlottesville at 2:30. She and Jill chatted in the kitchen, and I drifted in and out, cleaning up and playing with Illa. Stuart, Janice and Olivia showed up at 4 in their van, and we headed out. We got to the Birchmere around 4:45, with the Redskins game already started. My plan was for the ladies to wait to get in and get seats while Stuart and I went to a place with a TV to watch the game (Birchmere doesn’t have TVs to show broadcasts), but Janice vetoed that. So I waited in the van and listened to the game on the radio while Olivia read until they opened the doors at 5. We went in for a little while until the ladies got drinks, then Stuart and I went across the street to the bar in RT’s Restaurant. It was the end of the first quarter, and we stayed ’til the end of the game. I had a couple pints of the house beer (tasty) and a Jameson’s and diet Coke, and Stuart and I shared the shrimp and crawfish beignets and the popcorn crawfish – very good, may have to go there again sometime. Obviously the game didn’t end the way I’d hoped, but it was fun watching the game in a bar with lots of Redskins fans.

I think there’s no better cure for a bad sports outcome then a fabulous concert, and that’s what we got. Jill was especially looking forwards to this one after I told her Jim Boggia was opening, as we’ve followed him for some time and enjoy him. Stuart and I got there with not much time before the show, and after I bought a ticket to the Pat McGee Band show in Febraury, got to my seat with seconds to spare. Jim was great and got some converts, and I ordered a club sandwich during his set, and wolfed it down with a hefeweizen immediately after. Jill and Meg went off to talk to Jim, and I joined them right as Eddie From Ohio came on stage – not leaving until I got a good look at Mike’s freshly shaven head. We talked to Jim for a while, but didn’t miss the show – the TVs and sound system outside the main music room show the main stage. The band was on fire, and Julie was amazing, especially during “Great Day”. Mike got some solo time to plug his solo CD, and let us know he’d shaven his head in solidarity with Julie. Julie and Robbie came out and reprised their version of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” from the cruise. Julie had been wearing a hat and a wig during the first part of the show, and returned from Mike’s solo turn with just the hat. During “Operator”, she threw the hat off and there was a great moment of Mike and Robbie rubbing their heads against hers as the song ended.

We made our way to the van and drove home – noticing Stuart and Janice’s power was out. Jill elected to go to bed as it was past 11 and she had to be up at 6, and I walked Illa, then grabbed some milk and went back to Stuart and Janice’s as Olivia had baked us a cake. Good cake (we ate it next to the camp light, very reminiscent of Falcon Ridge), and we chatted until almost 1 when I couldn’t fight off sleep any more. Meg went off to bed and I walked Illa again. I knew he needed a little more time, so I let him chew on the new dog toy I’d gotten him and laid down on the floor. I woke up 30 minutes later and he’d already chewed through the tennis ball attached to one of the legs of the toy (he’s a Destructicon). I put him to bed and promptly crashed myself.

I got up around 11:30 when I heard Meg in the shower, getting downstairs around noon. Meg was knitting, and I took Illa on a walk before getting back and making Schmorgles for us. Schmorgles is a recipe from my grandmother (Dad’s mom) who brought us many German recipes, but this one I’ve never heard anyone else mention (and I Googled it last year and found nothing). It’s basically a fried bread that looks like scrambled eggs, but you treat it like pancakes and put butter and syrup on (corn syrup is recommended, but Grandma was from Oklahoma and they had no maple trees) and serve with bacon or sausage. After breakfast, I made Meg a Jim Boggia CD, and we chatted for a while before she headed home. She and Jeremy are great, it’s just too bad they don’t live closer.

Schmorgles Recipe (per serving, I usually have two servings, but most people don’t):

1 tablespoon sour cream
1/4 cup flour
1 egg (egg beaters ok)
1/8 teaspoon baking powder

Mix ingredients, melt oil in hot pan, cook like scrambled eggs.

Later, I cleaned the kitchen, read the Thursday paper, took Illa on a long walk, watched Wednesday’s Daily Show and Colbert Report, watched the end of the Steelers/Colts game, had some nachos, started making CDs of Mike Clem’s show last week, and did some work. Then I started cooking ribs for dinner, walked Illa, and started watching West Wing. Jill got home shortly after that and took a shower. I got the ribs done shortly after Desperate Housewives started, and we ate in the dining room (with glitches because we watched ABC over the antenna, because I was recording 24 and Night Passage – based on a Robert B. Parker book). Now Jill’s in bed and I’m online – probably up later, want to read at least one more newspaper, maybe watch another show.

Was caught up

Should have posted last night, as last night I caught up with both TV and periodicals. Tonight, not so much, as we went for dog training “graduation”, then dashed back so I could go to a Herndon Festival meeting, and I didn’t get back home until 10:30.

And it’s going to be a late night the next two nights, so I’m going to bed.

Nice to really relax today

I was up late Thursday cleaning; when I got home Friday, took the dog for an extended walk, then headed off to Jammin’ Java, as I detailed in my last post. What I didn’t mention is I met up with a nice group, including Stuart and Janice and Olivia, Meg and Jeremy, Shelly, and Susan. Stuart and I and one girl I hadn’t met before filemd, but I was the only one to get a complete show (no one expected him to play more than 2 hours). Afterwards, we chatted for a while before heading home.

Meg and Jeremy stayed with me, and we got in around 12:30. After I took Illa out, we were up ’til 4AM talking and watching some music I’ve taped (mostly Falcon Ridge shows). Only one bad part was in the morning Meg went to get a CD out of her car and locked herself out of the house, and I didn’t hear her try to get in because I was in the shower and then walking Illa. She turned the car on to keep warm. After that, I made waffles with the leftover batter from last week and heated up some Trader Joe’s veggie sausage patties- not as good as Morningstar Farms.

They left around 1, and I cleaned up the kitchen, then hopped online. I got off a little later than planned, as Stuart had asked me over to watch the Redskins game and I’d offered to bring buffalo wings, and they do take a little while. I didn’t finish until quarter of 5.

I managed to miss the Skins first touchdown, but was there for the rest. Great game to watch, an epic battle of defenses. Always better when we win. One proble is we were planning on getting to the Birchmere for an efo show next Saturday at the same time the game starts. Could be interesting. They wanted to go for pizza after the game, but I passed as I’d stuffed myself on wings and pretzels and popcorn. Got back home and turned on the Pats game in HD (Staurt has widescreen but couldn’t get ABC in HD). Too bad it was a rout, and I read the Friday and Saturday papers while it happened. I was still pretty full, just had a bowl of sliced pears when I gave Illa the second half of his dinner. Was pretty tired and went to bed before 1.

I slept in bigtime today, at least 10 hours. Got up and walked the dog, then made eggs benedict with the last of the hollandaise sauce while I watched the new Battlestar Galactica (what a great ending). I read the Sunday paper while the Panthers dismantled the Giants, then took Illa on another long walk. I just cleaned the master bathroom, meaning everything (besides the unfinished part of the basement) is clean. I’m feeling accomplished, but dreading that all of the TV shows return this week. At least the only thing we still have to watch from last year is 3 hours of Lost. Now for the rest of the Bengals/Steelers game and dinner.

Michael Clem Friday

I was there back in May 2004 when Mike first played solo, but this was a different Clem. Sure, he was turning 40, but he put out his own CD, and now he’s had at least one epic stage show. He was a little uneasy at the start, but 2 hours and 15 minutes later now we know he can hold his own. Jammin’ Java may never be the same (and it was sold out, possibly oversold)

Yes, for those of you who skipped to the end, “Redneck Woman” was a cover of the Gretchen Wilson song, and was a nice way to start off the show, followed by a nice rendition of “Fifth Of July”. “Sheila” he’d played before, but “Blue State Girl” was new, and a classic Clem funny one. Another nice classic, “The Ghosts Of St. Georges Drive” wasn’t a surprise to those at soundcheck (no, not me, didn’t get there ’til 7). Then followed a bunch of new songs. I think Daniel Brindley & Eddie Hartness just joined him for “Boxes”, but there might have been one more. I’m particularly fond of “I.S.O.”, and “Virgil’s Refund” has a nice singalong.

“Another Damn Wedding” was a new one that’s not on the CD (I think that’s the title), but it’s also a funny one. “Run To The Lord” had the best intro, as Mike’s now helping out a Sunday school teacher and has decided to scare the kids with the devil. The backing vocals from this up and coming local band was quite nice as well. “Joseph Was A Carpenter” is a Clem original from 1999 that I just saved a copy of this year featuring Julie on vox (info; listen – and check out “The Night Before Christmas” as well).

“Atlantic” and another two off the CD closed off the set, which was already closing in on 2 hours. He came out for the first encore and told a sweet story about how he wrote the song for his new lady love as a Christmas Present (I think he said “Julianne”, but I could be wrong). “The Bird” was a good way to end (his birthday was that day), but we weren’t ready to let him go. He was presented with a big birthday cake (looked like a picture of him on it), then said he was out of material, so invited the band back up. They went with the classic closer,” Old Dominion”, and generated Mike’s third standing o of the night.

Great show, the CD is good, and now I’m pumped for the Birchmere show next Saturday.

Work greens

I got the patch for my PC and work got them Friday morning, so I can surf. What they didn’t do was open ports, so I couldn’t check email. Or so I thought, ’til I discovered mail2web.com. Very nice, and it looks like the privacy policy is ok.

Work blues

Microsoft’s security bugs are now bad enough so we’ve been asked not to do any nonessential web surfing at work, and they’ve blocked most ports, so I can’t check any email at work.

I understand they were supposed to have a patch no later than Tuesday, and now are being pressured into releasing it early. It would be teh suck not to be able to read email at work – I can deal with limits on browsing.