Broken what?

Last night, I was on the couch making a DVD. Jill called me into the kitchen because the garbage disposal was backing up. I started the burn, then got up to race into the kitchen, only to fall flat on my face. I’d missed the mouse cord at ankle level, and my right ankle and particularly my big toe were aching. After we cleared the disposal, Jill iced my foot and I sat with it elevated.

This morning I was seeing the chiropractor for my back, and told him what happened. He looked at the offending area, then decided I needed an x-ray. He told me I’d broken the toe (chipped the top), but they don’t cast or splint something like that. I just have to be very careful for the next couple weeks.

Driving to Falcon Ridge will be interesting – luckily I’m an ambidextrous driver. I’m still psyched for it, but I guess I won’t bring my sandals (Hey Chris, Jim Infantino from Jim’s Big Ego will be playing the Budgiedome Saturday night).


This year we joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. We bought a half share for both the summer and fall program. We’ve been doing it for a month now, and I think I like it. The vegetables can be unusual (lettuce of course, but also garlic curls, sugar snap peas, swiss chard, baby bok choi, salad turnips, sorrel, basil, summer squash, cilantro, escarole, dill and tatsoi). We pick up our veggies every Tuesday at Potomac Vegetable Farms in Vienna. Our usual veggie pattern (lettuce salad, frozen beans, frozen spinach, frozen broccoli) has benn overturned by all these fresh veggies – we’re having very fresh salads, greens sauteed in olive oil, and pestos for pasta, very tasty.

Going to the dogs

Friday we went to Jammin’ Java to see “Cecilia – In The Living Room”. The conceit of this show was that the band was at home in their living room, eating drinking, and playing music. It was a decent show but I don’t think it was worth $23. First, the question and answer session was very short, and it was more of a traditional first set with the girls on a couch. Then the second set was just straight electric. Also, they gave us little tickets for a glass of wine, then they had pizza delivered after the show. I thought they’d do something like that during intermission. Good concept, but I wasn’t impressed by the execution.

Saturday, we had some plans, but they fell through, so we had nothing to do and didn’t. I made breakfast, went online, and watched most of the MTV/VH1 Live 8 coverage. It was pretty good, if repetitive. I was surprised to see most of Robbie Williams and Bjork’s performances. More cursing edited than on the initial go round, and it still wasn’t complete sets, but better than before. Jill skipped it to read downstairs. After dark, I made fajitas, then Jill worked on homework while I finally finished Cerebus. I had stopped several months back with 22 issues to go. I finished by skimming Dave Sim’s essays and the “Chasing YHWH” issues where he spent most of it commenting on the meaning of passages from the Bible. Skip those and go right to the last 10 issues – at least they have a plot (though it’s mostly silly). I probably won’t keep all 300 issues, maybe discard the last 100, but I’ll worry about that later. I’ve still got a couple one offs to read before I’m done (and the new “Following Cerebus” I’ve been piling up).

Sunday we drove up to Maryland just south of Frederick to a kennel there. We met Rambler, a Malamute that we might foster. It wasn’t love at first sight for me, he’s not guy friendly. I’m not sure I’d want to adopt him, but I think I could foster him if Jill doesn’t get too attached. She was driving and didn’t want go back on 270, so I told her we could take 15 or the ferry. She voted for the ferry. We were right off 109, and it looked like we could get off at 107, or take 109 straight there. Slight mistake, as we endured about 10 miles of gravel road to get to White’s Ferry. Once there, it was an easy cross of the Potomac and home after a stop in Leesburg at Home Depot. It was ironic to note that Edwards Ferry Road is a gravel road in Maryland, but a big 4 lane road in Leesburg.

After a nice break to read the paper, we met up with my mom and dad and went to dinner at a Korean BBQ in Annandale (to celebrate Jill’s bday). The food was nice, but the waitress got upset that we weren’t cooking and turning our food fast enough. I think next time we get Korean we’ll go back to the good one in Herndon across from the Tortilla Factory (I believe it’s Yee Hwa). We went back to Mom’s and chatted before heading back home.

Live 8 Redux

It’s refreshing, in this day and age, to find that a big company will not only admit it’s made a mistake, but make up for it:
VH1 will kick off Saturday’s rebroadcast, airing the concerts from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at which point MTV will pick up the coverage, airing the concerts through 8 p.m.

The performances each network airs will vary according to their audience. While both nets will rebroadcast performances by U2, Pink Floyd, Orchestra Baobab, Coldplay and Paul McCartney, VH1 will air Rob Thomas, Sting, Dave Matthews Band and Maroon 5 exclusively, and MTV will air Linkin Park and Jay-Z, the Killers, Kanye West and Green Day exclusively.

I’ve been watching, much better than last week.

The back

Tuesday I made it to a chiropractor after being in pain for a week. He listened to my tale, then told me I’d dislocated my ribcage! He set me up under a giant TENS unit to loosen me up, then popped me about 6 times. I feel much better now, but will see him 3x a week for 2 weeks to make sure.

FYI to Mel – when I mentioned I hadn’t seen a chiropractor since I had a bad experience with one with a “third eye”, he laughed a lot and told he knew who I was talking about.

Feeling Independent

it’s the fifth of july
feeling independent
please step aside
the celebration’s over
– eddie from ohio

The end of a good weekend. My back was bothering me on Sunday, so after I made an omelette, I went downstairs to lay down on the beanbag and catch up on the newspaper. Jill ran errands and eventually I joined her to run the paper recyclables out, feed friends’ cats, and do a grocery run. I made a summer chili with ground turkey, and it went down smoothly with some Magic Hat #9. Jill called it an early night, and I watched the rest of the Live 8 I’d recorded.

Monday Jill was working a 12 hour shift. She had cleaned up all her stuff from downstairs, now it was my turn. First I cleaned the bathrooms (and fixed the guest toilet). Then I had to pick my sister, Sharon, up from Dulles. She flew in from West Virginia because she had to fly out early this morning to South Africa, where she’ll be for a month. She had a couple hours of work to do, so that left me free to finish cleaning the house. We were done by the time my mom stopped by around 7. Mom and Sharon made a salad and I made my patented 60/40 lean ground beef/turkey burgers. I started cooking the burgers and dogs, and Jill got home right as I was finishing. The weather was perfect for eating on the deck (once we’d applied bug spray to defeat the ravenous mosquitoes). We finished a little after 9, and Jill voted to watch fireworks from the deck, instead of doing our usual thing of heading up to the golf course and letting them explode over our heads. Luckily they’d moved the launch point slightly west, and we had a perfect view from the deck. Afterwards we had some of Mom’s tasty rhubarb pie, before she left and the rest of us went to sleep.

Live 8

As much as I wanted to go to London, the money defeated me. Airfare + hotel + scalped ticket was a little much for one person, let alone two. So the alternate plan was Philly. As it was 20 years ago, London had the better lineup, but out of the other 9 cities hosting concerts, Philly still was pretty good. It probably wasn’t the best idea seeing as I pulled something in my back on Tuesday (and was in particularly bad pain Friday), but I still really wanted to go (and as opposed to 20 years ago, have a car).

We made an early start, leaving around 7:30AM. Coolest thing about the teip up – the biggest delay was traffic around the toll plazas, and the being able to use my Smart Tag there was a great timesaver. We got to Marcus Hook, PA around 10:45 to make the 10:47 train into Philly (no cars allowed near the concert, not that I wanted to drive in anyway). By the time I parked the car and walked back, it was almost 11, but the train was running late. It was supposed to get downtown by 11:30 and it was 12:15 by the time we got there.

We used the station restrooms and walked up 18th Street to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (near Logan Square). Bon Jovi was going on, and we could see them on one of a number of Jumbotrons set up. I decided we’d walk as close as we could to the stage. That wasn’t too far, as after 3 blocks we ran into a wall of people (and there were 4 blocks to go). I told Jill we’d try a flank attack, so we went north and then west. Much better, as we could actually see the stage (Jill wasn’t tall enough to see people on it) and the Jumbotrons (though the ones near the stage we could see easily didn’t always show the performers – annoying).

We watched Destiny’s Child and Kanye West (both good). Best crowd response was for the hometown boy, Will Smith (I was happy he brought out DJ Jazzy Jeff), especially during “Summertime”. We suffered through a long wait (and Toby Keith) before Dave Matthews Band took the stage. Nice set, and I got to see “American Baby” (made up for missing it last Sunday). Here’s a pic of Dave on stage. Afterwards, the crowd was getting thicker and we beat a retreat back around to Logan Square to the tunes of Alicia Keys (this girl was enjoying herself). Jill was hot and her feet were sore; we thought about going in a bar, but it was packed and they wanted a $20 cover. So we went to the train station to head out. The schedule was completely out of whack and we had to wait around an hour for a train (although I did go back to get a sno-cone and more water).

Once we were on the train, the ac perked Jill up and she got hungry. I recalled there was a mall near the train station, so we went there. It was only a strip mall, but it had both a beer and wine store (where I scored a case of Magic Hat #9 and Jill got a good price on some vodka) and a chinese buffet (fried crab is both tasty and addictive). After dinner we got on the road and made good time (about two hours) getting back home.

We were home to watch most of ABC’s broadcast of highlights, then Jill went to bed and I skipped through most of MTV’s broadcast to check out Pink Floyd. Truly great (though I wish someone would explain to me why those stupid VJs talk in the middle of frickin’ “Comfortably Numb”).

Jill’s birthday

My company has a nice perk – at work car washes (inside and out). Jill has always wanted her car done, so I took it in Thursday. The plan was to get a car CD player installed then too, but the Sterling Best Buy had no open slots, and the Reston one had an 8PM one. So I had her pick me up from the Reston one, so I surprised her then. I also had a Toulouse Loutrec book and a bottle of Starbucks coffee liqueur waiting for her when she got up Friday morning.

The real treat was dinner Friday night in Tyson’s at Bob Kinkead’s Colvin Run Tavern. I had an amzing shrimp and lobster bisque and a chile pork loin, and she had a nice ham and asparagus salad, and a very tasty cut of prime rib.