Every time

Every time I do an eBay auction, I convince myself it’ll be easier next time (and I won’t have to stay up so late). But it’s after 2:30 on a school night, and I’m only now finishing. At least I’m almost cleaned out of Star Wars stuff now (minus the Marvel comics and most books – those I’ll read again sometime)

Maybe next time.

Bad eBay name

Y’know, if your user name is “error.ini”, I’ve got to go back and make sure there isn’t an error on the auction that just ended.

Herndon Festival

Sunday was my favorite, even it was the hottest day of the year so far. We sat up on the hill to get a slight breeze, and some of us brought beach umbrellas.

The eddie from ohio show was great. It was interesting to look at setlists from the two other times we’d seen them this year and realize almost half the songs hadn’t been played recently. “Santa Margherita” is always a good choice for a revival, likewise “20000 Hearts”. I hadn’t heard a full version of “Drive” before; I thought it sounded pretty good (I like Mike’s harmonica solo). Joe Murphy didn’t make it, but the crowd did him proud during “The Three Fine Daughters Of Farmer Brown”. Because it was so hot, no one was dancing until “Operator”, but then a number of people danced ’til the end.

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We met up with my dad and mom Tuesday night to go see the Nationals. The last time I was at RFK for sports was during the Skins last season there (though I’ve been back for HFStivals), and it was weird seeing baseball there. I was there in the ’80s for some of the old timers games they had, but now they’ve changed the whole stadium around. We were out in left field, and high enough that we could see everything (the same spot but lower at Camden Yards doesn’t give you a good view). Main problem – there’s only one non crappy beer vendor on the top concourse (Blue Moon).

It was a good game. Braves scored in the first inning, then 2 more in the top of the 6th. The Nats got two in the bottom of the 6th, then 3 in the bottom of the 7th. The place really started to rock then – you forget how much noise that many people can make. We left at the top of the 9th – apparently the Braves got one more, but the Nats held out. Getting home took almost 2 hours – much suckiness, especially when Jill’s gotta get up at 5 the next morning.

Still, it was fun, and the tix were only $10. We’ll go back sometime this summer, maybe a last minute thing (plenty of scalpers on the walk from the Metro to the stadium).