Hoo needs a horoscope

And there’s only one place he could get it from. Boy, that brings back memories of trying to write them.

Yes, Expulsion (independent paper at GMU) is back online, but their archive only goes back to 1999. Damned shame – at some point I’ll have to scan in the ones I wrote. Some I thought were quite good.

Aha – I do have one online. My first music review, I believe.

France, anyone?

Looks like we might fly next year, possibly February. We’re looking at going to Barcelona as well to take advantage of a timeshare property near there on an island.

Since Saturday afternoon, I’ve…

– Gone to see Hitch Hiker’s Saturday night. I liked it, felt it still was very much a DNA creation.

– Gone rollerblading on a gorgeous Sunday.

– Put up a new bookshelf and straightened up the basement.

– Took Mom out for dinner Sunday at J. Gilberts. Very nice place, I had steak and a crab cake (and extremely addictive homemade blue cheese potato chips).

– Watched 24, Bill Maher, and Lost.

– Caught up on newspapers.

– Seen two dentists for jaw pain and headaches. I think $440 for an appliance is much better than $3300, but that’s just me.

– Done the coding equivalent of slamming my head into a wall for two days, but I’m better now.

– Made ribs, reubens, fajitas, and grilled sausages.

Adoption is a possibility

We were thinking of getting a Siberian Husky puppy. I saw an ad in the Post for a booksale/bake sale for Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection. We went to it yesterday, and talked with Leslie, the lady who runs it. She discouraged us from getting a puppy due to our schedules (something I was thinking about), and now we might be a foster family, with the possibility of adoption. We have to complete an application and go through an interview, but we’re going to give it a try.

Malamutes are close to huskies. There’s a separate Virgina husky rescue group, Pet Harbor Rescue, but it sounds like a malamute might be better suited for us.

Pat Robertson has gone batsh*t

Pat Robertson was on “This Week” last Sunday and well, let the transcript speak for itself:

10:49:20 GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC): But, sir, you have described this in pretty, this whole battle is pretty apocalyptic terms (…) that the out-of-control judiciary, and this was in your last book “Courting Disaster” is the most serious threat America has faced in nearly 400 years of history, more serious than al Qaeda, more serious than Nazi Germany and Japan, more serious than the Civil War?

10:49:49 PAT ROBERTSON: George, I really believe that. I think they are destroying the fabric that holds our nation together.

10:50:15 GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (OC): But, sir, let me just stop you there. How can you say that these judges are a more serious threat than Islamic terrorists who slammed into the World Trade Center?

10:50:23 PAT ROBERTSON: It depends on how you look at culture. If you look over the course of a hundred years, I think the gradual erosion of the consensus that’s held our country together is probably more serious than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings.

Wow. Worse than Osama or Hitler. It’s not like this is the first time he’s said something stupid, but this takes the cake.

Wolf Trap backstage

I increased my Wolf Trap donation this year, and that brought new perks. Tonight, we went to a wine and cheese reception that included a backstage tour. Very cool to look out from the stage. Their green room is pretty plush. For some reason we couldn’t get enough pineapple – it was really good. They’ve got a nice lineup of shows this summer, we’ll be there a lot.

Not much to say about the week so far – I’ve been fairly busy at work. The boot camp exercise today kicked my ass – between exercises, we ran around the parking lot, and I haven’t run in a while. My knees hurt.

I also haven’t updated my spam filter on the blog in a while – I knew something was wrong when there were 100 new comments. All gone now.

Movied out

Friday I was feeling tired, so I made myself 2 full cups of iced tea. That was a mistake. By 3 AM, I started feeling tired, and finally made it into bed by 4.
Only to be awoken at 8:30 by the fine people at DirecTV, installing a dish at my next door neighbor. If it wasn’t for me thinking about switching to them soon, I’d write them such a letter…

Once awake (though Jill slept through the banging), I did cleaning (dusted and mopped for the first time in months), followed by errands, followed by 7.5 hours of Star Wars. I had a bunch of friends over at various times (7 at the beginning of Clone Wars), and a pile of food. I think I’m getting used to Episode One – Jar Jar doesn’t bother me as much as he used to. I was shocked how little I remembered of Episode Two, and aside from the acting in the love scenes, liked it quite a bit. Clone Wars rocks, though. Great fights and well done animation – I’m looking forward to more. I was wiped out by the time we finished (and the only one there for the whole thing).

Sunday I had to get up early to do a walkthrough for the HOA. I was going to go to some library booksales, but decided it was too nice a day to do much, so read Saturday and Sunday’s Post, then some Star Wars comics (I’m getting a huge eBay auction together). Jill had worked, and woke up in time for us to go over to Ron and Susan’s, (former coworkers) for dinner. It was fun, but we didn’t get back until after 10, and we were both pretty wiped, went to bed soon.

I didn’t get the chance to see Hitchhiker’s, and have read enough reviews now that I’m not sure if I’ll see it in the theater. Probably will.