How do I solve a problem like Tori?

I’ve got two Tori problems. The first is the Warner Theatre show on April 6th. I don’t have tickets. There are a fair number on eBay, but I’m torn. Since I missed the presale, I’d like the chance to get the good seats, but they’re pricey ($300 each for 2nd row, $250 for 4th, $200 for 6th). Of course the balcony seats aren’t that cheap (lowest seems about $100 each), and I’m not sure which way to go. I think I’ll wait another week to see what auctions are like then.

The other problem is her instore signing this Thursday at the Barnes & Noble in Georgetown. It looks like if I actually want something signed I’ll need to be there before 9AM to get a wristband (probably before 8), then show back up around 4 to get in the line for wristband holders. Seems like a waste of time to show up twice, but I really want an autograph, and to me, getting them in person is what makes them special. Luckily our project ended today and thanks to the time I’ve already put in this week, I can work a half day on Thursday.

Out and About

We were unexpectedly social on Saturday. Jill had started prepping dinner when Rusty called. He and his wife live in Richmond, but had driven to Baltimore for the day to check out the aquarium. Jill put dinner on hold and we met them for an early dinner at Clyde’s. Jill had the steak, and I had the steak salad (and my glass of Guinness).

It was early because we went to see Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java. We forgot it wasn’t a weeknight, and didn’t plan on it only taking four minutes to get from Tyson’s to Vienna. Oh well, we got great seats. We got a table on the balcony, and Linda and her friend Sue and her friend Debbie showed up as well. I continued enjoying Irish beer, since Jill was driving and they had Harp.

Sunday I went to my favorite CD store, the CD Cellar, to scope out their clearance section before heading to the Freer. I was going to a talk on graphic novels; originally it was to feature Will Eisner and Frank Miller. After Will passed on, Paul Pope was added. When I arrived, I was given a sheet of paper that said Frank had taken sick suddenly (although I suspect last minute “Sin City” edits), and I heard some people left. I wasn’t too upset, as I had met and heard Frank talk, but had never seen Paul Pope. It was an insightful discussion and well worth the $15 (they halved the cost ’cause Frank couldn’t make it).

Once I got home Jill revealed her special recipe: a creamy guacamole sauce that the chicken had been marinating in the past day – very tasty when grilled with some salad. We got through most of Alias before Simpsons, then finished before Deadwood. Then we went to bed, because we both had to get up early – and I should be getting there myself.

Irish blessing

Another long week. Not sure if I have to work tomorrow or not, but I’m not working today. I was there 11 hours on Thursday, made sure to get out on time so Jill and I could go to Mom’s last night. It was nice, an early St. Patrick’s Day dinner or corned beef and cabbage. We chatted for a while, then headed home around 10. We were both pretty wiped, and went to bed around 10.

Wednesday Jill and I were at the early show for Eddie From Ohio at Jammin’ Java. It was sold out, and I’m not sure about the second one, but there was a huge crowd waiting to get in. Fun show, a couple blasts from the past that haven’t been seen in a while. Ellis Paul opened (he had opened the Saturday show at the Birchmere in January), and Mike told a long story about being in Wisconsin and calling him about a character in a song he had set there, only to learn it was fictional. The encore was great, always enjoy a lot of voices on “The Weight”.

I see a couple friends have tried to get U2 tix this morning without success. I managed to scalp for the last tour to one of the sold out shows and was determined to get them this time, so I joined the fan club a couple months back. They had problems with sales on the first leg of the tour, but this time was a breeze – I just went to the ticketmaster site Wednesday morning, put in my password, and got some great seats (I payed $180 each for the privilege, but what the hell).

I’m in an Irish mood – maybe I’ll have some Guinness tonight.

New cookware

I wasn’t consulted much about what we registered for (nor did I want to be), but one thing I did care about was cookware. I looked at all the options, and chose Calphalon Non Stick Commercial, only to discocer later that they discontinued it. So now it’s getting to the point that we need new cookware, so I finally sit down and look at the options. What do I choose? Bam! That’s right, Emerilware. It apparently is the next best thing to the Calphalon (it’s manufactured by All Clad), and after a couple days using it, I really like it.

Weekend so far

Has been pretty damn good.

Friday Sharon and Forrest came over and we went out to eat at Don Pablo’s, then watched “Waiting For Guffman” at home. I prefer “Best In Show” and “Spinal Tap”, but it’s still a good one.

Saturday we went early to Annapolis, went wandering around the harbor before we met up with Dad for dinner. We went to a seafood and ribs place (I had the seafood buffet, Jill had ribs) and had a nice view while we caught up with Dad. We still had time to kill before the show, so we went to Sean Donlon’s, an Irish bar next to the Rams Head. A real neighborhood establishment, we enjoyed a pint (Guiness for her, Smithwicks for me) before the show.

The show was great, Mark and Gary have voices that are good separately, but amazing when together. I loved all the songs they performed from “Hollywood Town Hall” and “Tomorrow The Green Grass”, CDs I play over and over and never thought I’d hear the orginal harmonies on again (Gary kept the Jayhawks going after Mark left in 1995, but never recaptured the feel of those albums).

Today I’ve been catching up on TV and newspapers. I was considering seeing Motley Crue tonight, but I think I’d rather get a lawn ticket for them in August when they come with Sum 41.

Oh no…

I got through to ticketmaster at 12:01 and Tori’s show at the Warner April 6th was already sold out. And the prices on eBay are incredible. I think I’ll hold off and see what they’re like in a week or so.

She’s also doing a signing of her new book on March 17th at the Barnes & Noble in Georgetown:
No tickets are being given out and you do NOT have to purchase something at this store to take part. It will be first come first serve, and you can have at most 2 items signed.

I’m going to try and show up early enough so I can get something signed. Jill’s already jealous ’cause she’ll be in Montana that week with her sister, visiting her new college.