Wasn’t this a holiday?

Not for me. I put in a full day at work, then came home, grilled kielbasa, watched new “Whose Line” with Jill, worked out while watching “24”, prepped and started an eBay auction, researched what cables I still needed and ordered them, and sent Unicef $200, because I had been waiting for another PayPal friendly link.

Now I should go to bed, as I think tomorrow is another long day. Friday off is still possible at this point, but I’m not counting on it.

I was wrong

about the Pats/Colts matchup being the best of the weekend – it was the Steelers/Rams game that was the best, the Pats blew away the Colts. Hype only takes you so far.

Nice little weekend, we went to the Supper Club of India on Friday (and if we hadn’t gotten there at 8, we would have needed reservations). I had (cottage) cheese sticks and tandoori lamb, Jill had samosas and chicken marsala. Very tasty. I watched the late showing of “Battlestar Galactica” – they’ve turned the miniseries into a nice series – too bad it’s on Friday. I’ll try to catch it then.

Obviously football on Saturday, but we ran errands in the early afternoon after I made eggs – finally took the Christmas tree to recycling, I bought “The Village” (no, I havne’t seen it, he’s earned my trust) while Jill exchanged a butter dish, then we stocked up on alcohol at Total Beverage and food at Safeway.

I cooked a ham for dinner Saturday (you can’t beat .29 cents a pound) and Jill made a low carb mac and cheese, then I made a fire while I watched football and Jill mostly read. Today we both slept past 1, then I made egg sandwiches and watched most of the Eagles/Vikings game. We went over to a low key party by the ski club (20s and 30s division) leader. It was easy since he’s a block away. It was fun, but I wanted to see more football. The game was ok, just not the offensive showdown I thought it would be. At least “Simpsons” and “Desperate Housewives” were entertaining. I made burgers while I started another fire – flames are fun.

Just now, I finished my research on DVD recorders, and went with the Toshiba XS52, which I’ve been thinking about, and decided the new breed of Toshiba hardware announced for this year isn’t worth waiting for – I need a better player than my Apex for everyday use, and I need a recorder to start transferring my DV tapes, and it’s the best for my needs.

I don’t mind it being late, but it’s too bad I have to work tomorrow. But since Jill starts her new job as well, I’ll live. And if I can finish my project before Friday, maybe I can take it off instead – big weekend ahead with the entertainment center supposed to arrive on Saturday.

I’m back

Much too busy at work this week – this is the first time I’ve been able to surf since Sunday night.

Most shocking news – what the hell happened to WHFS? I’ve been listening for 15 years, though honestly I mostly listen to CDs now. I still love the HFStival and hope it continues in some form (the rumor is Infinity knows what a cash cow it is and will continue it). I knew I shouldn’t of skipped it last year for Jill grandparents’ 50th. Oh, wait, she would’ve killed me if I hadn’t gone, so moot point.

And if anyone tried to look at the wedding pictures, I screwed up most of the links. Should be fixed now (thanks for the heads up, Jess).

Mood: accomplished

If you look at the forum on Jospeph Parson’s site, it now has a link to Album, which is a mod that took a little time, but works quite well (I also upgraded him to the current phpBB release). And I’ve got the generic software isolated, in case I need it for another site any time soon.

I’m not moonlighting, just volunteering my time to help out musicians I like (and the late, much lamented 4 Way Street, where I found him, is definitely one of those).

Friday’s here

This week has seemed really long. I think I’m mostly done with the sick thing, but it loks like I will have to work during the weekend. But I’m going to wait until Sunday, when Jill’s going to work the night shift. She’ s downstairs now making me black bean soup – she’s getting more into cooking, and I’m happy not to have to do it all the time.

I’ve got a bunch of online stuff to do that I’d like to get done on Sunday – finish the wedding pictures, redo the forum for Joseph Parsons (4 Way Street alum, and it turns out possibly a relative of Jill’s), and get an eBay auction ready (there’ll never be a better time to sell Elektra stuff). Hopefully I can get the work stuff out of the way quickly – I just need to bust through a major roadblock I’ve been struggling with a couple of days.

Working sick

How is it I’ve been working from home the last two days, but have put in more hours than usual? I guess I don’t have the sense of it being time to go home when I’m already there. I think it was best not to subject my coworkers to the quantity of kleenex I’ve gone through.

Ok, now it’s “Lost” and the return of “Alias” time!


Nice Sunday, but I think I’m getting another cold. It was nice the Redskins managed to win their final game. Watched parts of some other games – looking forward to the playoffs.

I made wings for breakfast, and turkey and goose sandwiches and gravy (while Jill made some potatoes) for dinner. I was going to have some eggs now in keeping with the reverse theme, but will probably have some Edy’s low carb butter pecan instead.