Still busy

If we have this house ready by the time of the party, I think it’ll be a miracle. Little setback as far as getting time goes – we got Mom’s dog Tuesday night, and we’ll have her ’til Friday. Of course we got the carpets cleaned last week, just hope we intercept any muddy paws in the meantime. It’s nice to have Trina around, although she’s showing her age (she’s 12). She’s not fond of stairs, and she’s got a racking cough in the mornings. I had to walk her twice this morning, so even though I got up earlier, I still got into work at the same time.

I thought I’d get a chance to put together the elliptical machine Tuesday,but it didn’t happen. We were going to get a Christmas tree last night, but Jill was exhausted from baking all day, so I decided I’d do it before I went to bed. My friend John stopped by, so I didn’t get start ’til 11, but I was done by 1. We’ll get the tree tomorrow – she wants to do it during lunch. Then she’ll decorate, then we have her work’s holiday party at night.

On the plus side, email is working, but I seem to have lost 2 1/2 days worth from last weekend into a wormhole…

Hey, they won one

The weekend thus far:
Good show Friday at Jammin’ Java: Ari Hest is someone destined to do great things (the last time I went to a show attended by more women then men where the women knew the lyrics was John Mayer before he broke). Went with Linda and my good bud Chris. ‘Twas fun to shoot the sh*t with him at a show, haven’t done that for a long time.

Saturday we ran errands (Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot and Dick’s). The elliptical machine barely fit in my trunk, so we drove home slowly. It was so heavy we took it in the wheelbarrow around to the basement, then took all the pieces out before bringing it in the house.

Later, we went to my company’s holiday party at Tarara. Unfortunately it was my turn to drive, so I only got a couple drinks. The party was catered by Amphora, so we ate well. We had a good time chatting to coworkers and spouses both inside and outside (they had a big tent).

Today more errands (McKay’s, Things Remembered, Roomstore, Michaels, and Safeway). We got a hutch Jill’s been drooling over, and more holiday decorating. It’s going to be a busy week to get ready for our party.

And the Redskins finally won another one. I listened to the first half on the radio, got to watch the rest while Jill ran to Trader Joe’s. Now I’m going to make steak so we can watch TV once it’s done.

Jellyfish Blues Band

In the better late than never file:
Last Friday Jill and I picked up Stuart and his brother, then drove to the State Theatre, where we met up with my sister and a couple of her friends. The occasion was seeing the Jellyfish Blues Band, which is 3/4 of Eddie From Ohio, plus Kevin Gallagher, a guitarist they used to play with before he moved. The last show they did was two years ago, and I believe the last show before that was 1999.

Anyway, a rare treat and we came out in force, even though they were actually opening up for New Potato Caboose at their annual reunion show. The show was very good, all classic covers (“Sweet Jane”, “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”, “Sultans Of Swing”), and they managed to bring up Julie (fourth member of efo) onstage to sing “Love Me Like A Man” which just brought the house down.

In addition to videotaping the show, I also took pictures – I boiled 65 down to 17 good ones.

email down

My apologies if you’re trying to reach me by email – I haven’t received any new email since Thursday night, and my hosting company isn’t replying to support emails.

SWEET water

My best bud Chris is in town, and Jill and I met up with him, his brother, and Debbie (his brother’s wife) at Sweetwater in Centreville, halfway between them and us. We were late due to both me getting out of work late and the incredible amount of traffic on 28 between Herndon and Centreville. On the plus side, the food and drink were good. I had the clam chowder, mixed greens, and crab fritters.

The fritters didn’t arrive for 10 minutes after I finished my salad. The waitress profusely apologized – I said it was no big deal. Debbie found a piece of tuna in her tuna salad that was raw (it was a big chunk of tuna), but didn’t ask for anything. The manager came out and apologized – we told him we were fine. The waitress came by again and told us the manager would be back to take care of us. He came by and didn’t take our food off the bill; instead he gave both of us $25 gift certificates! Yes our bill was over $130, but that was very cool, and of course we’ll be back (I’m sure we’re not the only ones addicted to their bread baskets).

Early Christmas

Jill had a great idea – we both need to exercise more, and it’s always easier to find time to do it at home. I bought her an elliptical machine last year, but it was cheap and wore out; additionally it was boring to just keep going. I jerry-rigged a magazine stand, but it was rickety.

So this year she suggested she’d buy an elliptical machine, while I’d buy a TV we could watch while we exercised. I can hook up the spare VCR to it, and may hook up the extra satellite box for it eventually. It’s an early Christmas because the TV is on it’s way, and the elliptical machine is on sale at the store this week. No sense in waiting ’til the 25th; I’m ready to start now.

Busy night

As I watch TV (Smallville not bad, West Wing very good, South Park outrageous but still funny, and Drawn Together getting better – in a South Park way), I’m also cleaning up (carpet cleaners come tomorrow), and emailing and packing for an eBay auction I just finished.

Funny – I got an email this morning from a guy who offered me $100 for most of the comics in the auction – they went for over $300 when done. I think he was a little misguided. I also think getting some graded was a very good idea.