Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Ok, it’s on. Jill and I had an idea, and I discussed it with Chris, my best man. Since female flesh of the skank-ho type does nothing for me, I wasn’t interested in strippers, and the available time I have free in August is pretty much zilch.

So, we’re going to have a joint party at the Eddie From Ohio concert at Wolf Trap August 28th. It’s exactly a week before the wedding. We were already planning on going, and we have 4 tickets already. I’ve reserved 20 lawn seats and Chris and I may just pay for them and give them away until we run out. We’ll have a big picnic on the lawn (you can bring food and alcohol in), watch the show, and then the guys and girls might go their separate ways (unless everyone wants to play pool, drink beer, and burp heartily).

New Republican VP?

Who needs Cheney when you can have Zombie Reagan?
From the FAQ:
Can a zombie even hold elective office?

The Constitution offers no specific prohibition against zombies serving their country. In fact, the majority of the Administration is already composed of the undead. It is a little known fact that Secretary of State Colin Powell is the only cabinet-level member that still has a beating heart.

Weird dream

The thing I remember most about the weekend is a dream I had Saturday that I was in the recording studio as Survivor did the new version of “Eye Of The Tiger” for Starbucks. Last time I mix Safeway’s diet cherry lemon lime and vodka, I’ll tell you that.

Not that the weekend wasn’t bad. Jill and I ran some errands Friday before Joanna showed. We went to see Harry Potter on Saturday (I liked it), then off to Fairfax. The fair was fun, even though they stopped me from videotaping the Pat McGee Band. Right after PMB, we headed to Ned Devine’s to get good seats for the Getaway Car. I drove, so Jill and Joanna got to drink – and they did. Opening band Adelyn was ok, kinda Incubus Jr. Ned’s was pretty packed when TGC came on around 11:30, did 2 1 hour sets. A lot of good songs. During the second set, Brian and Pat from PMB came up to play on “Come Together”, which was awesome, especially the epic soloing of Brian and Matt.

Sunday I got up around 12:30, and Jill didn’t get up ’til 3:30 – plenty of time for me to read the Friday-Sunday Posts. We went to RFD before the show and all had pints of Magic Hat #9. I had a big fat burger, and a couple more beers. We made it to the MCI Center by 8, but Madonna made us wait 35 minutes. Good show, but I don’t know if it was worth the money – I got a better show for $5 Saturday night at Ned’s.

This week’s shows

Ah, the joys of typing one handed (insert joke here).

I think Celebrate Fairfax is out tonight because of rain, so no Vertical Horizon. Tomorrow we will go see the Pat McGee Band (and enjoy deep fried snickers), then go to Ned Devine’s to see Getaway Car.

Jill’s friend Joanna is coming down from Boston tonight. She comes down every so often, but this is a specific trip to see Madonna on Sunday. I got two sets to get Jill some good seats, and haven’t been able to unload them, so I guess I’m going too.

Hardly Working

Ok, no more basketball for me – I badly sprained my wrist last night. I shall rant against spending most of my day in medical purgatory another time.

Working hard

Trying to meet a deadline for tomorrow, been doing a lot of work. It’s just about time for our weekly basketball game, can’t miss that though.

I went grocery shopping last night and picked up some ribs I cooked for dinner. Watched “Bruce Almighty” and “Daily Show”, both pretty funny. Nice to laugh after a long day.

Tonight I gotta hit Target and Trader Joe’s.

Good and Bad

The weekend had both.

Friday Bad
Shannon’s funeral was held in the rain, nasty traffic getting there. The service wasn’t that great, and we talked to her family, then hung around at the reception for a while.

Friday Good
Colleen suggested we go to her Dad’s after the reception – about 15 people did. We chatted for a couple hours, then most of us went to the nearby Outback. Shannon was only occaisonally the subject of conversation, but I know she would have enjoyed the evening, and I think she was there, after a fashion.

Saturday Bad
Driving to and from Bethesda in the rain; the rain at the Herndon Festival. And even with all the police presence on the weekend, they couldn’t stop our home invasion – by a raccoon. He wanted our trashcan, then our neighbor’s trashcan. Flipflops and water failed to deter him, but he didn’t seem to fond of golf balls – he didn’t come back after that.

Saturday Good
My myo appointment in Bethesda. The bands at the festival, especially Matt Nathanson. His performance was exactly like I envisioned when arguing for it on the volunteer board back in December. Jill and Linda and I thought he was the best act that day. We’re About 9 was very good as well. Found a recipe for two great things that are good together: guacasalsa.

Sunday Good
I went to a record show in the morning, picked up a couple CDs, chatted with my bud Eric. We went to the festival at 1, and by 2 the sun had finally come out, and it was a gourgeous day. Virginia Coalition was good, and Stuart, Janice and I responsibly enjoyed adult beverages (hefeweizen on tap is a good thing) – Jill didn’t drink because she worked last night, and left an hour early. Sopranos and Deadwood were good. No shockers on Sopranos like there was last week, though.

Sunday Bad
I was trying to get ready for bed, around midnight. I was putting some cables away in the basement when I got splashed. I turned on the light and there was water dripping from the ceiling. I turned off the main water, moved everything out of the way, and got a bucket. It was still coming down. I thought it was the kitchen sink, which has had issues in the past, but that wasn’t it. I discovered it was the dishwasher, and turned off the water to it. Eventually the water stopped, and I got all of it up. I decided not to call anyone – I think 17 years is enough time for a dishwasher, I’ll get a new one.

Better mood today

After seeing Mel’s comment from yesterday, I thought I should clarify yesterday’s entry.

I was in a bad mood – Jill was supposed to come with me to the doctor, but fell asleep, and work was crappy yesterday. But I got a massage, we had steak and beer for dinner, and went outside to watch the fireworks from the Herndon Festival.

I’m back to my normal, cynical, humorous, self-deprecating self today.

And I don’t feel bad about the job – I’ve already got former coworkers trying to recruit me. I do feel bad about leaving this fine new office, but that’s only because of the gym and entertainment room.

The medical condition doesn’t seem like a big deal – my doctor certainly didn’t seem worried about it.

Money worries are pretty standard, and the reason I was staying at this job in the first place was the retention bonus I get if I stay through June.

And Jill brought me ribs from Famous Dave’s for lunch – yum.

Writing all that down feels better.

Smelling salts not needed

I went to see my doctor today, and told him what happened on Saturday. I also told him it had happened once before in 1994 (I was told I might need surgery for tendonitis), and almost happened again in 2001 (I was told how LASIK would work). Right away, he told me it was vasovagal syncope, and only to worry about it if it happened in a way inconsistent with the past, and to avoid stress. I’ve got a physical scheduled for August now.

Avoid stress, huh? I found out yesterday my job is over on July 9th, I’ve got a wedding and a house that’s falling apart to pay for, and possible impending family drama as well.