2004 Nissan Xterra License to Rock (stupid name, attractive package):
1. Fleetwood Mac Wednesday, May 26
2. STYX & Peter Frampton with Nelson Saturday, June 26
3. Hall & Oates and Michael McDonald
with Average White Band Friday, July 2
4. Boston Tuesday, July 6
5. Rush 30th Anniversary Tour Tuesday, August 3
6. Allman Brothers Band with Little Feat Thursday, September 30

Lawn seats $100, 300s $200, 100s/pit $475 per person. Very tempting, now I just need internet access at 7AM Friday to see what kind of seats they might offer.

In other concert news, Madonna will come to the MCI Center June 13th, tix on sale soon (I think a little red haired person might want to go).

Stranger in a strange land

Still in Vancouver.

Last night we went to Nirvana for dinner, a fine Indian restaurant just outside of downtown. Andre, an co-worker here, joined us. We shared the “Assorted Snacks” to start – the pakoras were very good. I had the Karahi Lamb, which was served in a mini wok (think of how they bring fajitas to the table in a Mexican restaurant), and was excellent, especially with some fresh chili peppers and draft beer.

We were initially thinking of going to Sweet Revenge for dessert later, but we were too full afterwards to consider it. I was told by the leader of our ski trip last month to not miss Death By Chocolate if I returned to Vancouver, but a lady here told us Sweet Revenge is better.

When we got back to the hotel, I tried out the exercise room. The weight machine was old – pads kept falling off, and one machine was stiff and took all my weight to move without the pin in.

We went to the food court in Brentwood Mall (across the street) for lunch today – I had a bison burger. Tasty (and mad cow free!).

Sunny Vancouver

Nearing the end of the day here. It’s gone well, we’ve got a lot done, but I’m fried. Did go out for sushi at lunch, was very good. We’re staying at the Radisson just a couple minutes from here, with a full breakfast buffet included. I love not getting the usual crappy continental breakfast.

Saturday finished nicely. Got to read the paper out on the deck, watched some movies (“Old School” and “Airheads”), ate some pizza.

Sunday was long. Left the house at 8:45AM, got my hotel room at 10:15PM Pacific time, which is 1:15AM Eastern. Our flight was National -> Montreal -> Toronto -> Vancouver. We got delayed in Montreal by the snowstorm and subsequent deicing, then the final part (with a stop in Toronto) took nearly 8 hours. Food was bleah; the movie was “Lost In Translation”. Nice movie, but I wouldn’t want to see it again, not sure why this was Murray’s great role. No “Groundhog Day”.

Special Saturday update

Only because yesterday was so busy. Before we went on vacation last month, they said I had a high priority short term project. I said I was going on vacation in a day and a half, they said fine. When I got back from vacation, I find they had waited for me to come back to start. The last three weeks have been trying to catch up to an already unrealistic schedule. Additionally, I had to spend extra time this week loading up a laptop with the all the programs I need (and can’t live without) when I’m in Vancouver next week doing the install. I think I’ll be able to blog, but I hadn’t had any success getting Mozilla Thunderbird to work as my email client as of yesterday. Worst case I should be able to use web mail or Outlook. I did manage to finish everything, but was a little late meeting up with the family last night.

I met with Dad, Sharon, and Sharon’s boyfriend Forrest at Copeland’s in Alexandria before Mom’s concert. Mom (and Jill, but Jill couldn’t make this concert or the next one) sings with the Reston Chorale. Last night they performed the world premiere of “A Journey to Freedom, Honor and Glory”, a choral/orchestral cantata about the life of Jonathan Daniels, civil rights activist and martyr. I was pleasantly surprised by the piece; usually I’m not a fan of contemporary classical works – the rock bits helped.

Speaking of Jill, her mom’s surgery went well. They had to take out her thyroid and part of her parathyroid (and a muscle), but they were planning on that. She’s a little out of it now (Jill’s mom, not Jill) and they kept her overnight for observation, but she’s expected to go home today.

Time travelling corrections

I just got a kick out of this, from today’s Washington Post Corrections:

In the Feb. 27 Weekend section, the “Fare Minded” column inaccurately described the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), or Tardis, the time travel machine used in the BBC television series “Doctor Who,” as a British phone booth. It is a single blue police call booth, a model in use in Britain from the 1930s to the 1970s.

This week’s show

Great Big Sea at the 9:30 Club with the Push Stars opening. Great Big Sea are a Canadian Celtic folk-rock band, who sprinkle their takes on traditional tunes in between their originals. The previous time I saw them was the Herndon Festival in 2000 (this should be a little more bawdy since it doesn’t have to be family friendly). Coincidentally, the only time I’ve seen the Push Stars was also at the Herndon Festival (in 1999, not 2000). Hopefully I’ll be able to find Jill a ticket, since I got rid of hers when she was supposed to be gone this week.

Speaking of the Herndon Festival, they’ve released this year’s schedule. Matt Nathanson Saturday and Virginia Coalition Sunday are musts, but I also love that I’ll get the chance to see Shane Hines acoustic and electric the same day. I was tempted to go to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival that weekend, but I don’t think I can afford that this year.

Ides of March

Jill and I are no longer going to be passing ships. We were going to be gone different weeks in a row. Her mom is going to be undergoing surgery to remove some cancerous growth. Originally, the surgery was scheduled for last Friday, now it’s this Friday. Jill’s going to stay with her for a week. In the meantime, I’ve got to return to Vancouver Sunday – business this time. We were going to see each other for a couple hours – now Jill will leave on Thursday, and I’ll be (hopefully) back in time (at National) to pick her up at BWI the following Saturday.

It was a decent weekend – Friday Jill still hadn’t recovered from her 3 day in a row, followed by going all the way to BWI and back when the surgery was postponed until this week, so she crashed. I watched some TV – Bill Maher (George Carlin was on), the new show “Wonderfalls” (quirky and funny) and “Death To Smoochy” (very dark, but a sweet center).

I ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, then we went to dinner at Red Robin with Dave and Hannah. We were going to play pool later, but dinner ran long, and Jill was working Sunday day. Turns out it was a good thing – the place we picked to play pool was a billiards store – damn you Yahoo Yellow Pages!

I slept in Sunday and took it easy. Made some huevos rancheros for breakfast and tacos for dinner. Read the newspaper, most of my comics pile for the month. When Jill got home, we watched Simpsons and Alias, then a special on the Great American Beer Festival (except she started falling asleep in the middle). The festival sounds fun, and it’s at the end of September – but she refuses to move the wedding so we can honeymoon there. Oh well, at least we’ll have the Old Dominion Beer Festival in June.