Wednesday TV

Some excellent TV last night.

Smallville had Clark lose his sight temporarily, and try on glasses for the first time while his sight was recovering. The FOTW storyline was ok – I thought it was weird that the FOTW was apparently killed, rather than saved by Clark. Aside from Clark with the glasses, the best thing was the ongoing Luthors plot – Clark’s new super hearing let him eavesdrop on Chloe’s conversation with Lionel Luthor. Clark let Lex know what his father was doing, then Lex confronted his father, using quotes from the phone call Chloe had with Lionel. Lionel assumed Chloe had turned on him, got her and her dad fired. Should be interesting where the subplots go from here.

Angel had Spike following in Angel’s footsteps as champion, but prompted by Lindsey, while Lindsey’s partner Eve put some kind of soul sucker on Angel. Not sure why Lindsey had Spike save Angel, especially now that the gang suspects Eve. Great scenes: the Miami Vice moment, Angel as the mail boy, the blue fairy. Apparently by a first time writer – good ep.

Daily Show was very funny eviscerating W’s State Of The Union address. Jon Stewart just gets better and better. Jon McCain was a great guest.

Neil on Nick?

So my favorite comics rumor of the week from Rich Johnston is that Neil Gaiman’s next comic project might be Nick Fury. Figure out some way to have Jim Steranko draw it, and you’d have my favorite comics writer and artist together. Excuse me while I slobber at the thought.

Shows this week

Tonight, 4 Way Street at Iota with Stargazer Lily opening. 4 Way Street have the most amazing harmonies. They’re four singer/songwriters from Philly – anyone who likes the Eagles, CSNY or the Thorns will like them.

I’m finding it very frustrating to support 4 Way Street. I joined their street team, I tell people, email, hand out postcards and samplers, and I get almost no response. “It’s too cold”, “It’s a weeknight”, “It’s too late”. It’s not like there’s something good on TV tonight – The State Of The Union speech is not something I’ll be watching. You’d think I have some cred – I saw Dave Matthews at the Birchmere and John Mayer at the 9:30. Oh well, Jill and I will enjoy another great show from them.

I was also thinking of going to see Old 97’s at the 9:30 club Friday, but it’s sold out already. That’s ok, because it looks like an old friend of Jill’s will be in town that night.

Weekend wrapup

Another good weekend. Friday was kinda light – we saw Mary Ann Redmond at the Kennedy Center: Millennium Stage. All the shows there are an hour, so she didn’t get a lot of time, but she drew a good crowd. It was a little weird, because the last time I saw her she was at a bar in Sterling (The Barefoot Pelican), with a crowd of about 5 people.

Saturday, we went skiing at Whitetail (the closest resort to us) with Dave and Melissa, and Dave’s friends John and Pete. Jill stuck to the green trails and eventually ran into Melissa. I headed over to the blues, then the blacks on the other side, where I ran into Dave and his friends. We had 4 hour lift tickets, and I skiied until my time was up. I’m still a little sore – I need to get in skiing shape before we go to Whistler next month.

Sunday, I did some volunteer work with Holly, who’s running the Herndon Festival, then watched some of the Pats/Colts game before we went to dinner at Neyla in Georgetown with Dave (another Dave), Hannah, Shannon & Kim. As part of Restaurant Week, they were offering fixed price dinners for $30.04 (lunch was $20.04). They offered Mediterranean cuisine; I had a Lebanese sampler, the Mixed Grill, and an apple tarte. Everything was very good (except for Jill’s dessert that had pistachio in it – I like pistachios, but not that way).

When we got back, we watched a little of the Eagles/Panthers mismatch before Alias. Another good ep, I particularly liked the use of Sloane, and the creative way they avoided having to show Syd’s mom (since Lena Olin won’t come back). I’m surprised they’re not airing a new one next week, because they’re not going to air opposite the Superbowl or the Grammys, so they won’t be back until February 15th.

DVN not obscene!

So Da Vinci’s Notebook, my favorite acapella comedy band, has a song entitled “Enormous Penis”. According to this story, Canada has declared the song not obscene.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council was reacting to a complaint from a Calgary radio listener to lyrics like: “I’ve got the cure for all of my blues/I take a look at my enormous penis/And my troubles start a-meltin’ away.”

The listener’s complaint that the song was obscene fell flat before the council’s members, who said on Friday the item did not break its code of ethics.

“The discussion of penis size is not in and of itself sufficiently unequivocally a sexual matter that it can be said to be in breach of the code,” the council said.

I just hope they never try to play their new song, “F*ck You”, on the radio.

Good humour

Got this from a mailing list I’m on:
There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra than on Alzheimer’s research.

This means that by 2020, there should be a large elderly population with
perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do
with them.

And from the Washington Post review of Torque:
At this point in “Torque,” the only thing that kept me from drifting off to sleep was the infernal noise of gunning engines and the recurring chant of “bullsh*t!” coming from a nearby audience member with impeccable taste and judgment.

Office Space

For some reason, I’m thinking of “Office Space” – T.P.S. reports, anyone? I also found an “Office Space” version of the Redskins’ past season. I’ve been hoping for a special edition DVD, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen soon – a producer at Fox said “I think there is a strong chance you’ll see the sequel before you see the Special Edition”.

“Office Space” quotes & sounds here. One that’s not there:
Peter Gibbons: So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.
Therapist: What about today? Is today the worst day of your life?
Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
Therapist: Wow, that’s messed up!