Another PSA

This week at work has been useful, as it’s given me a new phrase for useless busy work: “smacking mud around with a backhoe”. It was inspired by someone near us doing exactly that, useless because he was trying to move some mud around by smacking it in an area where it floods so completely all the work he did will be gone in the next rain. It’s no “banged your sister”, but it’s good.

2 thoughts on “Another PSA”

  1. From the Jargon Files :

    wave a dead chicken

    To perform a ritual in the direction of crashed software or hardware that one believes to be futile but is nevertheless necessary so that others are satisfied that an appropriate degree of effort has been expended. “I’ll wave a dead chicken over the source code, but I really think we’ve run into an OS bug”.

    Compare voodoo programming, rain dance.

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