Would you like to get all 3 of Jonathan Coulton’s original songs for Valve’s Portal for $1 total?

Yes, I’m a JoCo superfan, but I’ve been listening to my entire music collection and recently got to him and realized I only had one of the original songs, “You Wouldn’t Know” (from LEGO Dimensions), that was available in his “New Folder” EP.

I do have versions of “Still Alive” & “Want You Gone” that he rerecorded on 2011’s Artificial Heart, but I wanted the original ones with Ellen McLain’s vocals from the Portal series. So I went looking, and found the soundtracks for sale at the usual digital retailers, but then I wondered if maybe it was available (and cheaper) on Steam? It was available – at the low, low price of free!

So log into your Steam account if you have one (and why not get one, they also offer free games for PC), pick up the soundtracks for Portal and Portal 2 (they also provide the FLAC version), then head over to Jonathan Coulton’s website (about 3/4 down the page) and pick up “You Wouldn’t Know” for just $1!