Artists To Watch 2018

Again this year my music buying was mostly online, free tracks from NoiseTrade, Bandcamp, and Amazon as well as preordering mp3s and CDs from Kickstarter and PledgeMusic.

Here’s a playlist of everything available on

Band Song Why them
01. Scars on 45 Crazy For You Opened for Tori Amos and blew me away.
02. Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie Red Sun You know them from Fleetwood Mac, but their new album together has some of the best songs they’ve written in years.
03. Little Silver Fall From Me A spin off from Hem with a fellow kindergartener on vocals.
04. Anthony D’Amato Rain On A Strange Roof Galloping pop in the Paul Simon vein.
05. The Secret Sisters He’s Fine Brandi Carlile produced and you can feel the influence.
06. The Struts Could Have Been Me Opened for the Foo Fighters at The Anthem and brought the glam power.
07. Good Lovelies I See Gold Lovely harmonies from these ladies.
08. Somerdale Take It From The Top Power pop in the Splitsville vein.
09. The Doubleclicks Extra Gin The only NSFW track here comes from this girl geek duo.
10. Corin Ashley Wind Up Boy Lovely Beatlesque tune with Belly’s Tanya Donelly.
11. Noah Guthrie Razor Blade Former Glee cast member rocks a little harder than you might expect.
12. JJ Heller Free Indeed I found her through her Christmas music.
13. See She Cries Great chourus, produced by the ledgendary Brad Wood.
14. The March Divide Exit Signs Their 80s covers were so great, I wanted to know if their originals were good, and they were.
15. Nicole Atkins A Little Crazy Patsy Cline-esqe throwback.
16. Adam Ezra Group Let Your Hair Down Folk-rockers were a FRFF discovery.
17. Callaghan Surrender My daughter and I found her at Jammin’ Java playing a matinee.
18. Joshua Radin High And Low Great chrous and beat.
19. Kim Pittinger Glass Heart It can’t be ATW without a Todd Wright co-write.
20. Cotton Mather Better Than A Hit Got that Stone Temple Pilots vibe.
21. The Daybreaks The Machine Kind of an 80s feel with a modern sound.
22. The Wild Reeds Catch And Release This one’s for Dave.
23. Heather Aubrey Lloyd The Animal Crackers Song Member of ilyAIMY steps out on her own.
24. Weird Al Yankovic Please Don’t Nuke Us, North Korea Serious and funny, just like Al, from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (and a nice callback to “Christmas At Ground Zero”).