Barenaked Green Ladies Day

Last weekend I spent most of my time in the library, moving boxes of books in, unpacking and shelving. I wisely ran cables in so I could watch TV and caught up on most of my summer shows, and made ribs for dinner Saturday. Sunday I grilled steak, but Jill wasn’t feeling well before that and decided to bow out of seeing Barenaked Ladies that night. Luckily Linda didn’t have other plans, so she came by and we headed up to Merriweather Post Pavilion. We missed the openers, but it was kinda nice to just see them and head home. Not that they weren’t good, they were. Although it was very different without Steve – surprised they kept “Brian Wilson” or The Old Apartment” since they left out so many good ones Ed sings lead on (where was “For You”?). The new songs were good, especially “Four Seconds”, but the best part was the return of the “Barenaked Rap” to the end of the show.


There was lots more cleaning on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday Jill picked me up at work and we headed over to Manassas. We had dinner at Okra’s Cajun Creole in the historic downtown, shared the crawfish popcorn, then both had salads and half a po’ boy (Jill also had some red beans and rice). Afterwards we did a little used book shopping nearby, then headed over to The Lube. We arrived in the middle of AFI’s set, not bad, but the place went apesh*t for Green Day. And it well deserved – they put on an incredible show, I’d even put Billie Joe in the top 5 frontmen of his generation. And they playued every song you could possibly think of.

Green Day