More of the week of concerts

So for BNL, we were in row F, which is the real 11th row – not bad. But for Sarah McLachlan the next night, we got second row – fan club tix can be really good (they were on the aisle, but I can’t complain). The show was great, and she did “Ice” and “Blackbird” sitting on a little drum riser right in front of us. The new songs worked well (still getting used to them), but it was the songs from “Surfacing” that got the big crowd responses.

Sarah on motherhood and trying to write songs: “every time she latched on I felt like little bits of my brain were being sucked out through my boob.”

Sarah before “Building a Mystery”: “I don’t want to get myself in trouble, or get too cheeky, but this is dedicated to George W.”

Last night we braved the winds of Bonnie to see Dar Williams at the Birchmere (A guy we were sitting next to said Charley should have been named Clyde, so it would be Bonnie and Clyde threatining Florida). Jill picked me up from the Metro in Springfield, and we took back roads to Alexandria. The food was ok (never more than ok there), but the show was fun. Dar let one of her biggest fans write the setlist after she got on stage, and we heard some rarities.

Tonight, Jill decided that she wanted to take it easy, so I headed to MCI Center to see Prince. At least that was the plan. When I got there, I was going to buy a ticket, hopefully less than face value. The problem was that the nosebleed $50 tix were going for $100 (I did get a guy down to $80, but decided against it). I went over to RFD to have a pint of Magic Hat and watched an inning of the O’s vs. Blue Jays. Afterwards I walked back by the MCI Center, didn’t see anything better, and walked to Metro Center, then came back. At least I finished the Post and the City Paper on the way there and back.