Productive day

Got up, showered, stretched, organized the paper recycling, filled car trunk with said recycling, recycled said recycling, went to Chili’s for lunch with ex-coworkers (yummy chipotle blue cheese burger), went to ATM, went to Office Depot for organizing stuff, went to Trader Joe’s, went to post office, cleaned up downstairs, sent two resumes out, answered email, blogged.

I was bummed to hear of the demise of Live on Penn. The funny thing is I had already decided to skip Sister Hazel next week to take Jill to the nice close beach where my dad lives (because she wanted to go this weekend and it’s just not going to work), and we’re going out of town when Pat McGee Band was playing, so the one we went to (with Old 97s) was the only one we were going to anyway. I wonder how much the competing event on Saturdays had to do with the cancellation? I notice the Merriweather booking agent is the same one that booked DC Sessions in 2002 (predecessor to Live On Penn). I did hate the way they said tickets were $7 at the gate, or $5 online – no mention of the mandatory $1.50 service charge per ticket, not much of an incentive for buying in advance, instead of waiting to see what the weather’d be like.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we veg.