That was fast

Why is that a weekend where I didn’t do too much still passes as fast as one where I did a lot?

Let’s see – Friday and Saturday were quick dinners, burritos and burgers. Jill was running errands during the rain on Saturday, and I watched TV and read newspapers and comics. After dinner Saturday we watched a lot of TV – finished off Dead Like Me, and caught up on the fabulous Gavin and Stacey (we also might have enjoyed the night more because we consumed some fermented beverages).

Today Jill wanted to go out for breakfast, and dragged me along for once. She likes Virginia Kitchen, but I’m not a huge fan. We went to IHOP, but they had a huge line, so we ended up at Amphora. I had a tasty Tex-Mex scramble, and Jill ended up with the quiche. After we got back, Jill went to study while I hopped online to start some auctions.

In the afternoon I read the paper and went out with the dog, then I started dinner and we had some soup I’d picked up as it would take a while to finish. I made jerk chicken, and it would have probably been better if I’d just marinated it then grilled it. However, we’d run out of propane the night before so I cooked it in the oven in the marinade and it was very salty, but tolerable. I’m taking a break from the football game to finish off everything else so I can head to bed after the game (I think night games should be played Fridays and Saturdays or started right when it gets dark, but the NFL never listens to little old me).