Jukebox The Ghost

Last night I headed into the city and met up with Jill at the Cleveland Park Metro. We drove over to 2Amys, ordered some pizzas, then drove up to Fort Reno Park. The legendary concert series there has been going on for years, but I’d never been before. But the arsenic scare and temporary closure in the spring reminded me that I hadn’t, and that I should take advantage while I could.

Jukebox The Ghost is a piano based trio born in DC. I’ve got a weakness for good piano pop/rock (Keane, Ben Folds, Coldplay), and they deliver the goods (check out Hold It In: YouTube or mp3). I’ve been keeping up with the local music scene more by reading more blogs and I liked them enough to pick up the CD, but I hadn’t seen them live and seeing them on the Fort Reno schedule cemented my decision to go, even though it was a Monday.

But it was a gorgeous Monday, 80s with a cool breeze (unusual weather for DC in August – Jill was a bit cold by the end). We picked a spot, laid down our blanket, and tore into our pizzas. 2Amys has been lauded extensively for their pizzas, and they were pretty good. I had the Margherita (which was certified authentic Italian) and Jill had the Puttanesca (I didn’t like that as much, but I’m not a fan of broccoli or anchovies on pizza). Now there’s only a couple more pizza places left to try in the area that are often mentioned as the best. The band put on an excellent show, and the several hundred people there enjoyed themselves. We skipped These United States as I’d seen them before and thought they were ok, but it was getting late so we headed home.

Jukebox The Ghost at Fort Reno