Sunday the 1st we had just started our vacation the day before. For the first time since Nina was born, we were taking off 2 weeks in a row. The first week we rented a house in Stowe with the Cannons. We drove up in the afternoon and stopped in Northhampton at River Valley Co-op (where our friend Nate does IT) and at Sandy’s Drive-In for fish and chips and burgers. We got the keys to the house and got to the house and waited for the Cannons. After they got there Chris, V and I went down to the big Shaws near the highway to get groceries. After I found Lucerne milk and O Organics raisins I realized they were a sister store to Safeway, and shopping got a lot easier. Meanwhile Jess and Jill had figured out the Wi-Fi and ordered dinner for everyone from Piecasso. The pizza was very good, and it wasn’t a secret, as the only day their parking lot wasn’t full to the brim was the day they were closed.


Monday Jill went over the mountain to buy an air purifier as Nina was coughing some the night before and her room was musty. That afternoon we walked along the trail and stopped for Red Barn ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s factory tour was closed for construction and they just had the scoop shop open). That night we grilled burgers and were able to use the refilled hot tub (the house had some issues, including water seeping up through one of the master bathrooms).

Nina Penny

Tuesday we drove into Burlington, where I had to ask what could be a better post Falcon Ridge lunch than The Skinny Pancake? Others got bagels, and we shopped before meeting Jill’s childhood friend Erica and her daughter Mira at the Burlington Bay Café for creamies (soft serve ice cream) and we wandered down to the Science Center. I stopped at the Smugglers’ Notch Distillery before we left to pick up a sampler, and the adults had a taste test after we made pasta for dinner (the winner was the whiskey brewed with maple syrup for me).

Penny C Nina

Wednesday I made waffles with the remaining yeast (after I made a loaf of low sodium bread for myself) and bacon, then we took the gondola up to the top of Stowe Resort. That evening we had Piecasso again as Jill’s cousins Greg & Cathy came over and asked for pizza.

Jill Nina Kerry

Thursday I lazed around and read comics as Jill wanted to take the kids to All Things Bright and Beautiful, which her mother had taken her & her sisters to when she was young. Some had lunch at The Mad Taco, and they considered going to Ben & Jerry’s but the line for the scoop shop was 40 minutes long, so they bought pints for everyone. The girls got their energy out with a giant blow up spray unicorn. Jill didn’t want a pint, so we went into Stowe and stopped at Stowe Sweets for cones, and I picked up a bottle of Barr Hill Gin (made with honey) at a market. Jill, C and I hiked behind the house to see if it was possible to get to the next day’s trail before we were greeted with a steep drop, then we made fajitas for dinner.

Penny Nina C

Friday we drove to entrance of the Mill Trail and hiked past Bingham Falls. We later learned most people come in the other side and go down slippery stairs to a wide pool at the end, but we found a very cold part of the stream before the falls and everyone went in as long as they could take it. For lunch we had made reservations at the Trapp Family Lodge and good thing as they were booked solid. There was a funny incident when we were waiting for the host and a lady why she couldn’t sit at an empty table. He told her that he didn’t have enough servers for those tables then told her if she’d fill out a job application he’d hire her on the spot. I doubt we’d have noticed other than that, the service and food was great. We stopped at the bakery afterwards and had leftovers for dinner.

Nina Jill

Saturday some folks went shopping in Stowe, then we took the kids to the corn maze they’d been begging to do – after 15 minutes in the hot sun, they were begging to leave, but we got out in about 40 minutes and went to Red Barn again. That night we had the older kids babysit the younger ones and we made pasta for them, then the adults went to Lost Nation for burgers, brisket & beer (they handled staffing shortages by having everyone bus there table into a container at the end of the table). We also finished the deadly jigsaw puzzle of just Lego minifig heads.


Sunday we had more waffles then packed up and left. I decided I wanted to stop by Mt. Holly where my family had owned a cottage when I was growing up. It was redone but still there, along with 2 new houses on the land we’d owned. Jill and I had come to an informal agreement to retire to Vermont since we’d both spent parts of our summers there when young, and we checked out the houses on Amherst Lake, Echo Lake and Lake Rescue as we passed on the way to The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham. Jill found candy, I found jam, and Nina’s favorite purchase of the trip was a mood ring. We thought we’d stop at The Marina in Brattleboro for a late lunch, but they had closed their kitchen because they were shortstaffed. We went into downtown Brattleboro figuring that a pizza place would be open, but Echo was closed for several days due to staffing. But I saw they had a Turn It Up! and I went in there while Jill and Nina went in Boomerang for some vintage clothes. And good idea, as they recommended nearby Whetstone. They had addressed their staffing by having you order and pay from the app, then they delivered the food and we bussed when we were done. But the food was fantastic and they literally sat on the edge of the Vermont/New Hampshire state line with a great view of the Connecticut River. Nina and I also got to see the Amtrak train stop in town and tie up traffic. It turned out to be an early dinner, which was fine as when we arrived Jill’s sister Robin wasn’t going to be up much longer.


Monday the 9th I had cereal in the morning, while Nina had ramen, toast & raspberries (she saw the ramen when we packed up the Vermont house and demanded it pretty much every day of the week). We went out to take a walk in Robinson Park, vacant of people because the riverside was closed, and only lasted 5 minutes as the mosquitoes literally chased us out. Nina was happy as they had installed a pool since our last visit, and we had to pull her out before we went over to the Bradys for pasta (and I got to hear about Ava’s brush with bald faced hornets).

Nina Finn

Tuesday Nina and I had bacon & cereal for breakfast then we all went to Northampton. Jill went to Webs while Nina and I walked down to Turn It Up! She wasn’t in love with it, but crossing the street to Newbury Comics was a big hit – between the Avatar merch, Harry Potter merch and squishies (she got Nana to buy her a big squishy). We went to Osaka where we had Japanese food for lunch, then Robin’s husband Mike and son Finn got home for their trip to Maine and we got takeout from Golden Peacock and soft serve from Northside Creamery.


Wednesday I hadn’t slept well, plus I had a headache and my blood pressure was up (and it had already been up since my doctor had changed my meds), so I stayed in bed during the day. Nina had cereal & ramen to eat, then Jill and Robin’s dad and his wife came over and we got pizza.

Finn Nina Bob

Thursday I got up late and had a BLT. Jill and Nina were out and I stayed home with Mike and Finn. Finn can memorize numbers, and I thought it would be fun to call our home number since it had has a fun message. At least until he called it for the 30th time (and left a message I had to delete each time). After that I took a nap, then we had burgers & corn for dinner. A storm blew in and Mike and I had to run out to stop the patio tent from tearing itself apart with wind (the nearby airport measured gusts of 68 mph). Later I posted in things I never thought I’d say: “I really appreciate the former Skid Row frontman’s take on current events”.

Finn Jill Nina

Friday I had bacon & a donut, then Mike, Finn, Nina and I went to the Holyoke Children’s Museum. For dinner we got takeout from the Maple Leaf Pub and went out to Northside Creamery for dessert.


Saturday we headed out after packing. We made it more of a Falcon Ridge trip by taking 84 past the usual exit, then 87 into New Jersey. We’d been talking for years about stopping in Red Bank, and we finally did it this trip. We had to stop at the iconic Quick Stop (no sign of Kevin Smith, who was in town filming Clerks 3), then went to Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, and on Free Comic Book Day. We stopped in Oceanport at The Marina for a nice waterfront lunch. When we finally got home, Jill found I’d left the freezer door in the downstairs fridge open a crack, so everything was spoiled. That was fun to clean up.

Kerry Nina

Thursday the 19th was concert #6: Vertical Horizon and Train at Wolf Trap, nice to be in the pit with Linda. Full capacity and sold out – and so humid the first time I’ve only worn my mask for 2 hours and it came home damp. Friday we got takeout from Ozzies. Saturday we had tickets to go to Awesome Con, but it was inside and unsafe, no vaccination required and masks “encouraged”, so we took the loss and stayed home.


Monday was Nina’s first day of school. I was pleased later that day when Wolf Trap joined most of the other local venues in requiring vaccination to attend shows. The next day I shared an image of “No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no vax, no service” and said “Now it’s time. I want to see this sign everywhere I go.” Friday I had Southern Electrical Service over to fix the post light, which turned out to be a burned out darkness sensor, later we ate takeout from BGR.


Saturday the 28th was concert #7: Eddie From Ohio at Arrowbrook Park. Back for a third try after canceling in past years due to weather and Covid – got 40 minutes in before the skies opened up. But good to see Bob, Susan, Lorna & David beforehand. Nina was just happy there was a playground and an ice cream truck (and when did cones hit $6?). Sunday was Nina’s birthday party at The Water Mine. Unlike the last 2 pool based parties, the weather cooperated and Nina and her friends had a great time. I spent most of the time getting pizza and 14 sundaes (Baskin Robbins was selling dolphin themed cups, which was the party theme). She got to have some of her friends over to the house as they had an hour to kill before their Girl Scouts meeting.

Nina & friends

Monday was Labor Day. Nina played the ping pong matches for a tournament a neighbor had created (I’d played the previous month). I gave money to The Mutual Aid Response Network (a group of Louisiana residents, led by Imagine Water Works, that activates during floods, storms, and other natural and manmade disasters) after Hurricane Ida.

Nina Jack

My music collection listening continued this month – highlight was an entire week of Tori Amos.


Thursday the 1st it was Jill’s birthday and her mom, older sister Melissa and nephew Tiernan came to visit. We had Chinese food for dinner and Jill got a cake and gifts. Nina was still in skateboarding camp and went to a skate park during the day Friday, then we ate at Amphora that night (in an empty dining room since outdoor seating was in the sun). Saturday Melissa, Tiernan, Nina & I went to Dave & Busters in Fairfax, then we all had a late lunch at Ford’s Fish Shack in South Riding. The outside seating was nice and the crab legs delicious – I just needed to walk over to the nearby grocery store to pick up some unsalted butter before the food arrived. Later Jill, Sue and I went to concert #2: Dar Williams at the Strathmore Patio Stage (they put a tent over the patio behind the concert hall). A very Falcon Ridge show as it rained heavily right before the show and some during, a cool breeze blew and kids fell asleep on their parents’ laps.

second from right, with two of her besties

Sunday was the 4th of July and everyone else went to the Baltimore Aquarium. I’d planned my day by starting yard work, but got a rude surprise as I got stung as I started on the Magnolia bush by what turned out to be a bald faced hornet. I did some first aid on the sting, then did the rest of the yard. I didn’t feel too bad after a shower, but the sting site was red and inflamed for a week. That night I grilled and everyone but Sue went out on the boat to watch the fireworks extravaganza. Monday was my holiday and Jill, Sue, Tiernan and I went to the Spy Museum in DC (Nina started art camp). Everyone but Sue went home Thursday.


Friday I had Veteran Pest come and remove the giant hornet nest (the guy calmly dressed in a beekeeper suit, went out and sprayed and scraped). He said they should be gone in a day. After work, Jill and I left for the weekend as Sue had offered to watch Nina. We hadn’t made dinner plans, and stopped at Parrando’s in Ashburn for Mexican. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t expecting my tacos to be so salty. We headed west and realized we would have no access to alcohol at the remote place we were staying in, so found Tri-State Liquors not too far away in Brunswick. It was a hidden gem, with dusty bottles up to the ceiling in every nook and cranny – I had to stop myself after a while. We kept going and were soon at the Inn at Stone Manor.

Jill Nina

Since we were near Catoctin Creek, Saturday we planned on going to the Catoctin Creek Distillery. Then when we mapped it, saw it was in Purcellville VA (and a closer drive to home). But we had bought tix for a tasting tour, so hit the road (and it was a nice drive). We drove through Hillsboro and it was a bit weird to see the short stretch of redone roads until I read this article. Purcelville was nice and we had burgers from Market Burger Fries & Shakes before the distillery. I had the cocktail sampler and bought some more liquor to add to the stash. We stopped by Re-Love It then headed back to the inn.


Jill had thought about taking Lyft to and from Frederick, but I told her I wasn’t going to drink much. We drove to Frederick and I went to The Rock and Roll Graveyard and Record Exchange while Jill went to Magpie Fibers. Then I joined her at Brewers Alley for a pint before our reservation at Thacher & Rye. When we’d eaten there before, it was called Volt, but it was still run by Bryan Volltagio. We both had a delicious three course meal (the pork chop was outstanding). We decided to walk down to South Mountain Creamery to get ice cream, which was a little disappointing for coming from a creamery.

Kerry Jill

Sunday we checked out and drove to Middletown to have breakfast at The Main Cup, then went to Frederick to explore the treasures at Wonder Book & Video. Nina had sniffles on Friday that developed into a cold, but Sue took care of her, even going to Glory Days for a favorite meal. She had to get a Covid test just in case, but it was negative.


Monday the 12th Nina started Camp Goodtimes on The Road with the Grunspans. She got to go to Paddle Boating, Bowling/Cavalier Family Skating, the Science Museum of Virginia & Splashdown Waterpark. The only problem was their bus broke down on Wednesday and they were 2 hours late getting back. Friday we got takeout from Santinis. Saturday Jill took Nina over to Bards Alley where she met author Megan Wagner Lloyd. Sunday morning I got up at sunrise. I had found more bald faced hornets in a small nest in our bush, and I’d bought spray after the last nest. I dressed in ski clothes and a fish net over my hat (and looked ridiculous, Jill was bummed I didn’t take a picture) but when I went outside I didn’t have a clean shot without cutting branches, so went back to bed and called Veteran Pest the next day. Also my massive summer playlist served up “Hungry Heart” followed by “Hungry Eyes”. Randomized, my ass.

Nina Megan Wagner Lloyd

Wednesday the 21st Veteran Pest returned – the same guy in fact. He took one look, muttered that he should have come back an hour later the first time, and put on the suit, sprayed and scraped again (this time they did not come back). Nina had Aquatics Camp that week and got sunburned on her face before we started sending her with a sun hat, then Friday she had a picnic dinner with her friends in our backyard. Saturday was concert #3: Chris Thile at Wolf Trap, with a lovely dinner buffet (the volunteers served us each type of food like a cafeteria) on the Associates deck before. Lovely night for a concert, and so glad to be back at Wolf Trap. We had 2 tickets for Encore Circle that night, and Nina and Jill spent about half the show there and I didn’t have to leave early. Nina had her friend Bailey over on Sunday.


Wednesday the 28th was concert #4: Aoife O’Donovan at Wolf Trap by myself. It was a warm night with a slight breeze, makes it really feel like Falcon Ridge season. Having The Knights for her new “America, Come” song cycle and special guest Yasmin Williams made up for her show being my first Covid cancellation back in March 2020. Saturday we were up early to start vacation. They cancelled in 2020, but the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival was back for a one day event at the Goshen Fairgrounds and we got there to see Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams for concert #5. We also saw Andrea, Jim & Chris from Shantytowne, then got takeout from Grey Area Tavern and ate at Andrea & Jim’s house. It was nice to catch up, but a wasp outside made Nina want to go inside, and with the 5 cats that live there, it wasn’t long until she had her first asthma attack in quite a while (also March 2020). Then we spent the night at Jill’s mom’s house.

Nina Kerry

During work, since I’d stopped listening to live shows, I had just been listening to random music, but in July decided to listen to my whole collection in order from the start. This month’s music collection note: I have all the AC/DC hits (mostly from Who Made Who and the Iron Man 2 soundtrack), but at some point I acquired 1983’s Flick Of The Switch and 1988’s Blow Up Your Video. They were entirely unnecessary (besides the hits).


Saturday the 1st was concert #1: the first time we’ve gotten in a car to see a show since last February, to see Chyrsalis, featuring Jody Marshall and Jim Queen (Iona) at an outside, socially distanced show at Walker Nature Center. They even had a dancer! Monday Nina had her 1st in person SOL assessments in 2 years with the reading one.

Kerry Nina

Friday I heard about a kids book based on GnR lyrics and thought they can make maybe 3 more before they run out if G rated ones. We had Tonys pizza for dinner – that weekend was taxes. Tuesday the 11th I posted that you can hear the full song from the episode of The Simpsons that ripped Moz a new one (and had me laughing more than any episode in recent years).


Friday the 14th Jill’s mom, older sister, and her brother in law came down for her niece’s commencement, but we had to cancel our plans to meet up for dinner on Saturday after the neighbor who is mom of 2 of Nina’s close friends came down with Covid. She was fully vaccinated, but the whole family got it, so we had to isolate for a week. Sunday we got to get tested and all of us were negative – Jill took Nina out to get Cold Stone that afternoon.


Since the diagnosis was negative, Jill’s mom Sue stayed with us the next week, taking Nina to her 4th grade Math SOL assessments and her orthodontics appointment on Monday and other appointments the rest of the week and really helping us out. Friday I’ve been on a Great Big Sea kick that week, and this was the topper.


Saturday the 22nd Nina went with her Girl Scout troop and earned her Junior Horsemanship badge and apparently awakened the standard girl love of horses. That night Sue watched Nina overnight (with dinner at Glory Days, natch) while Jill and I stayed in Mosaic at Hyatt House. We had dinner at B Side (pork chop was amazing), whiskey tasting at MacMillan Whisky Room and some Wizards Unite action until they closed down Strawberry Park. Jill said “1st kid free overnight trip in, well, quite a while. It’s not far but we enjoyed every minute.”

Jill Kerry

In the morning we had brunch at Ted’s Bulletin before Sue and Nina swung by and got Jill where they went to church and participated in a new Bible ceremony (and I hit CD Cellar). Later they all got pedicures before Nina’s friend Bailey came over and they created their submission for the Terraset Virtual Talent Show, followed by us on the boat with Celina.


Friday the 28th we got takeout from True Food Kitchen. I saw The Weeknd do an excellent duet with Ariana Grande of “Save Your Tears” at the iHeartRadio Awards, but this version from the Billboard Music Awards the week before is the best socially distant video ever.


Sunday it wasn’t great weather, so Nina and I finally opened the bonus box from Lego Brick Fest Live we’d ordered together (she convinced me to split the cost). Monday was Memorial Day and nice. Nina made a cicada friend (funny because she’s not a fan of any other bug species), then she went swimming off the boat with Celina & Carly. I grilled hot dogs (found one kind that’s only 15% RDA of sodium and made my own buns) while Jill made us a strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert.


Nina’s new expression of the month was “Yeet!” – with the same meaning as “Yeesh!”

April concert flashbacks

  • 4/5 Concert flashback #219: Heather Nova at Jammin’ Java in 2016.
  • 4/6 Concert flashback #220: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Moby, Ben Harper, Paul Horn, Angelo Badalamenti, Betty LaVette, Jim James & Jerry Seinfeld for Change Begins Within at Radio City Music Hall in 2009.
  • 4/7 Concert flashback #221: Dave Matthews Band at MCI Center in 2002. Jill’s first DMB show.
  • 4/8 Concert flashback #222: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at MCI Center in 2000.
  • 4/9 Concert flashback #223: A double shot of short sets by the Pat McGee Band – Tower Records [Vienna] in 2000 & the Z104 Lounge in 2004 (thanks to my friend Linda).
  • 4/12 Concert flashback #224: Joan Baez, Tupac Shakur tribute, Electric Light Orchestra, Pearl Jam, Journey and Yes (plus guests including 2/3s of Rush) for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2017.
  • 4/13 Concert flashback #225: The first time I saw Foo Fighters in Baltimore in 1996. 25 years ago! Amps & that dog. opened.
  • 4/14 Concert flashback #226: David Gilmour in Toronto in 2006. Only the next night is online.
  • 4/15 Concert flashback #227: Tanya Donelly at the Black Cat in 2002.
  • 4/16 Concert flashback #228: The Dead at Verizon Center in 2009.
  • 4/19 Concert flashback #229: Rush at Quicken Loans Arena in 2011 for my only appearance on an official Rush album.
  • 4/20 Concert flashback #230: Great Big Sea at Warner Theatre in 2013. Their last tour, now 10 years ago.
  • 4/21 Concert flashback #231: Rush, Heart, Albert King tribute, Randy Newman, Public Enemy and Donna Summer tribute (plus guests) for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2013.
  • 4/22 Concert flashback #232: Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets at Constitution Hall in 2019. After I saw Pink Floyd’s final tour in 1994, I saw Roger 6 times, David 3 times (once with Richard) and finally Nick again.
  • 4/23 Concert flashback #233: The final one. Yes, it’s been a year since I started listening to a concert I’d been to a day from this week in the past, every weekday. I chose my favorites, and I’m going out with a good one: Melissa Etheridge, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Garth Brooks, k.d. lang, Michael Feinstein, Chaka Khan, Rufus Wainwright and Albita for Equality Rocks at RFK Stadium in 2000. First and last time seeing George Michael, and he did a duet with Garth Brooks.

March concert flashbacks

  • 3/1 Concert flashback #199: The Killer B’s (Jim Boggia, Tracy Bonham and Bleu) at Jammin’ Java in 2011.
  • 3/2 Concert flashback #200: Mark Olson & Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) at Rams Head in 2005.
  • 3/3 Concert flashback #201: Brian May at Hammerjacks in 1993.
  • 3/4 Concert flashback #202: 4 Way Street at Iota in 2004.
  • 3/5 Concert flashback #203: Extreme at Hammerjacks in 1995.
  • 3/8 Concert flashback #204: Quitter UK at TT Reynolds in 2003.
  • 3/9 Concert flashback #205: Queen + Paul Rodgers at MCI Center in 2006.
  • 3/10 Concert flashback #206: Fleetwood Mac at Verizon Center in 2009. Hard choice as I also saw them there in March of 2019 – no Christine or no Lindsey? But obviously, Lindsey.
  • 3/11 Concert flashback #207: Rush at Richmond Coliseum in 1992. Last time I saw them during college. Primus opened.
  • 3/12 Concert flashback #208: I’m With Her (Sara Watkins/Sarah Jarosz/Aoife O’Donovan) at the 9:30 Club in 2018.
  • 3/15 Concert flashback #209: Sting & Paul Simon at Verizon Center in 2014.
  • 3/16 Concert flashback #210: Furthur at Patriot Center in 2011.
  • 3/17 Concert flashback #211: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic at Strathmore in 2018.
  • 3/18 Concert flashback #212: Eddie From Ohio at Borders DC in 2003. A short show, so also adding in short sets from Gary Cherone (Extreme) at Sky Bar in 2006 & Pearl Jam at Saturday Night Live in 2010.
  • 3/19 Concert flashback #213: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant at US Air Arena in 1995. I went both nights (didn’t want to miss any Zep), slightly better performance second night.
  • 3/22 Concert flashback #214: Experience Hendrix with Billy Cox, Dweezil Zappa, Chris Layton, Eric Johnson, Jonny Lang, Dave Mustaine, Mato Nanji, Taj Mahal, Joe Satriani, Doug Pinnick & Kenny Aronoff at Warner Theatre in 2019.
  • 3/23 Concert flashback #215: Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java in 2006.
  • 3/24 Concert flashback #216: Van Halen at Verizon Center in 2012.
  • 3/25 Concert flashback #217: Cry Cry Cry at Calvin Theatre in 2018.
  • 3/26 Concert flashback #218: Metallica at Richmond Coliseum in 1992.

February concert flashbacks

January concert flashbacks

  • 1/4 Concert flashback #163: The Smashing Pumpkins opening up the new location of the 9:30 Club in 1996. On the way home Eric and I ran into the beginnings of some snow. He dropped me at my girlfriend’s apartment in Alexandria (right off 395), and then made it as far as our CD store in Springfield, where he holed up for several days.
  • 1/5 Concert flashback #164: Michael Clem at Jammin’ Java in 2006 for his first solo CD release. He’s doing another CD release and show this January; details here.
  • 1/6 Concert flashback #165: Jonathan Coulton on the 1st JoCoCruise in 2011 (also the cruise Jill was pregnant on).
  • 1/7 Concert flashback #166: emmet swimming at the 9:30 Club in 2004. The first of 4 years in a row they played the club in January, and by the time they ended, Eddie From Ohio had started their January residency (in 2005). A brand new transfer!
  • 1/8 Concert flashback #167: Mary Chapin Carpenter, Chris Coleman, Shawn Colvin, Sheryl Crow, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Vince Gill, Patty Griffin, Chris Hillman, Iron & Wine, Alison Krauss, Kris Kristofferson, Daniel Lanois, Martina McBride, the Milk Carton Kids, Buddy Miller, Conor Oberst, Herb Pedersen, Shovels & Rope, Mavis Staples, John Starling, Trampled by Turtles, Sara Watkins, Holly Williams, Lucinda Williams, Lee Ann Womack & Emmylou Harris for The Life & Songs Of Emmylou Harris at Constitution Hall in 2015.
  • 1/11 Concert flashback #168: Jon Anderson (Yes singer) at Barns of Wolf Trap in 2004.
  • 1/12 Concert flashback #169: Declassified: Ben Folds Presents: Sara Bareilles & Caroline Shaw at the Kennedy Center in 2018.
  • 1/13 Concert flashback #170: Pearl Jam (with Neil Young opening) at Constitution Hall in 1995.
  • 1/14 Concert flashback #171: The Jayhawks at The Birchmere in 2002. The first real concert I went to with Jill (my mom insisted we come see the Cornell University Glee Club the night before).
  • 1/15 Concert flashback #172: The Smithereens at the State Theatre in 2019, with vocalist Robin Wilson (of the Gin Blossoms) replacing the late and lamented Pat DiNizio.
  • 1/19 Concert flashback #173: We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in 2009. Remember hope about politics and not just hoping the side that supports science can keep us alive and the side that supports violence would leave us alone?
  • 1/21 Concert flashback #174: Eddie From Ohio at The Birchmere in 2020, from their annual MLK weekend residency. This year’s is cancelled, of course. But they started selling the recordings in 2008 and I have all the shows we’ve been to since.
  • 1/22 Concert flashback #175: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds at the Landmark Theatre (Richmond) in 1999. The first 2 Dave & Tim shows I saw were at The Birchmere in 1994 before they got huge – this one wasn’t as good with all the frat boy screaming between songs.
  • 1/26 Concert flashback #176: Quitter UK (emmet swimming/Smartbomb offshoot) at Jammin’ Java in 2005.
  • 1/27 Concert flashback #177: Girlyman at Jammin’ Java in 2005. Notice this is the day after yesterday’s flashback. Jammin’ Java was hopping in January 2005. I also just digitized a Girlyman show from FRFF in 2004.
  • 1/28 Concert flashback #178: Extreme at Baltimore Soundstage in 2015. Unfortunately the closest they came on their tour as they played Extreme II: Pornograffitti in full for the first time (the one with the 2 big hits) and I finally got to hear “Song For Love”.
  • 1/29 Concert flashback #179: Au Pair> [Gary Louris/Django Haskins] at Jammin’ Java in 2016.

December concert flashbacks

Artists To Watch 2021

Again this year my music buying was mostly online, free tracks from NoiseTrade, as well as paid tracks from Bandcamp, and preordering mp3s and CDs from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Here’s a playlist of everything available on Spotify.

Here’s a playlist of everything available on SoundCloud.

Band Song Why them
01. The Misses (Todd Wright, Cassidy Ford and Ethan Daniel Mentzer) Devil’s Got Nothing On Me Local pop supergroup with nice harmonies.
02. The Lemon Twigs No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met) Two brothers, rockin’ out.
03. Capitol Sun Rays (Luther Dickinson, Amy Helm, Grahame Lesh, Allison Russell, JT Nero & Drew Lindsay) Dream Of Spring Another supergroup, this with some legacies.
04. Man Man Cloud Nein They hade me at “Instruments played by the band include clavinet, Moog Little Phatty, sousaphone, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, flute, bass clarinet, drum set, euphonium, Fender Jazz Bass, Danelectro baritone guitar, xylophone, marimba, melodica and various percussive instruments including pots and pans, toy noisemakers, Chinese funeral horns, spoons, smashing plates, and fireworks.”.
05. A Sound of Thunder Udoroth (That One Club From the Movie Blade Where the Sprinklers Spray Blood) Possibly the best song subtitle ever.
06. Sam Roberts Band Ascension Canadian rocker with pop twists.
07. Kings Daughters Get Up (with Brian May) Harmonies? Brian May? C’mon!
08. Crown Lands Leadfoot Canadian duo known to cover Rush.
09. Drive-By Truckers Armageddon’s Back In Town Ok, they’ve been around for a while, but they’re great.
10. Pillow Queens Handsome Wife Lovely vocals.
11. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Be Afraid Former Drive-By Truckers member, also great.
12. Twisted Pine Papaya Got a summer feel; coincidentally, they also have a fantastic holiday EP out now.
13. Mt. Joy Death I think they’re going to be fun to see live.
14. Pete Droge Skeleton Crew (feat. Elaine Summers) He’s back!.
15. Bonny Light Horseman (Anais Mitchell/Josh Kaufman/Eric D. Johnson) Deep In Love Great new supergroup.
16. We’re About 9 On The Other Side Of The Internet This song’s only here right now, so not on any of the playlists. But it’s perfect for this year.
17. Ellis Delaney You Got This Another song for this year.
18. Midtown Social Savoir Faire Dig that groove.
19. Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters Automatic The Belly singer joins this band for a covers album, including this Go-Go’s song from out of left field.
20. Static In Verona Poor Juliet Nice power pop.
21. Molly Venter Hold It All The Red Molly member has been exceptionally prolific on her Patreon this year, here with a remake of a song she wrote for the group.
22. Julian Velard Half Done My theme song this year, as I turned 50.

November concert flashbacks