February came in like – wait, what kind of creature is sub freezing temperatures, 70s, huge rainstorms, snow, and sub freezing temperatures again? I’ve always said we get the seasons here, but I didn’t mean all in the same week. Nina made me wonder if the terrible 17 months is a thing, then on Saturday the 2nd Jill and I went to my company’s holiday party (babysitting by Grandmère as usual). The next day I was kinda bummed that the Super Bowl party I was going to was canceled (Stewart was under the weather) – especially since that meant I wouldn’t start watching until Nina went bed. But I was able to skip the power outage, and it was a good game (felt the commercials were more meh this year).


Friday the 8th Jill and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early. We stayed at Adam’s Inn in Adams Morgan and had a wonderful dinner at Cashion’s Eat Place, then bar hopped over to Napoleon. The next morning we had an amazing dim sum brunch at The Source. Never has a dish named “Hangover Eggs” been more welcomed. Delicious (and the duck banh mi and the shrimp dumpling and everything else). Later we headed home (Jill’s mom was in town to watch Nina overnight).

Jill with Nina

Saturday the 16th we had a lovely evening thanks to two grandmothers watching Nina. Thai for dinner with old friends, then Eddie From Ohio with Jake Armerding at the Birchmere. Sunday Nina climbed onto a chair on the kitchen table (as she’s been doing), grabbed crayons, and colored by herself for the first time.

Nina & Jill

Friday the 22nd I wondered why it is when it’s 32 degrees out does Nina take her shoes and socks off before she leaves the car, and then squirms and squeals to get down and walk around? Saturday the 23rd Jill and I had dinner at 2941, and I got a sign from the universe I’m exactly where I should be. At age 42, I had my first Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Tasty cocktail. The next day I had an afternoon off starting with a bar hop – Flying Dog Gruit (hopless!) at World Of Beer, and 3 barleywine tastes at Mad Fox (Duck-Rabbit the clear winner) before 90 minutes at CD Cellar.

Nina & Kerry

The last week of February was Nina’s reign of tub poop terror. 3 nights in a row she went after a bath, the first night she tried to dance on that area while I was cleaning it up. Thursday the 28th Jill and her mom took Nina to Frying Pan Park for the first time, she liked the sheep and was scared of the pigs. Word of the month was “pizza” and she liked playing with the magnets on the fridge.

Nina & Jill