Saturday the 3rd Nina had both aquatic class and arts class in the morning (Luckily Jill was able to bring the towels when I forgot them). They were fun, but she was exhausted, early nap for her. Later that day it reached the point in Nina’s childhood where we sang along with her electronic toys. Tuesday was Election Day, and we took turns watching Nina and voting in the morning. That night, Nina came thisclose to wearing a bowl on her head for the first time, then we had a groan off (think Lurch from Addams Family) while I fed her Jill’s homemade applesauce. Later I did something to my neck and back, went to bed at 9:30 and didn’t see the results until the morning.


Jill’s mom Sue came down to visit the next weekend. Saturday the 10th, she came to arts class and took pictures, then took a picture for our Christmas card of Nina in the afternoon. That night I headed out solo after dinner to see Kansas and Chicago at the Patriot Center. It’s odd to go a month between concerts, then go to the same venue and be seated in the next section over. Kansas was great, but Chicago was better, featuring a 65 year old trombone playing horndog.

Nina Kerry

Sunday I took Nina on a 10 minute walk to the best playground around, and she just wanted to sit in the mulch and bang a stick on it. Jill went to a bridal shower and had an early dinner out with Sue, then I was off on my own again. I headed to Clarendon and had dinner at the bar at the excellent Green Pig Bistro (I had the pork belly crepe and risotto). I watched the end of the Dallas @ Philadelphia and St. Louis @ San Francisco games, where I heard this quote for the ages from the commentators: “A tie game is like kissing your NFC West rival”. Later I enjoyed the power pop of Air Traffic Controller and Bleu at Iota.


Daycare was closed the next two days, and I had a holiday and took the day off. Monday it took me two tantrums to realize what she really wanted to do was go in and out of the screen door. Then we moved on to Toddler Chatka (that’s when the first party takes a sip, then slams the cup down. Sometimes the second party does not actually sip.). Tuesday I was a responsible parent. Don’t all responsible parents give their children carrot cake for breakfast? It was a good time to give her sugar, as we headed over to the indoor playground.


The 17th was just a typical Saturday morning for Nina: swim class, arts class, and an Ellis Paul concert (although he thought she was 8 months old at first). We had lunch at Jammin’ Java (great hot dogs) before somebody took a huge nap. Sometimes I wish we had video cameras going 24/7. Monday Nina was just going furiously in her rocking chair, then jumped out and pulled up her shirt to check out her abs.


For Thanksgiving, Sharon came down Tuesday night with her boyfriend Tom to stay with us. They were out and about on Wednesday, but Thursday everyone was there (also my dad and his girlfriend Patricia, and my mom). The meal was great, and Nina was in great form (we gave her her Christmas present early, a climbing platform). I was very thankful for the thorough spanking of the Cowboys by the Skins that night.


Total amount spent on Black Friday: $13. Nina and I went to a consignment store in Manassas while I was getting my oil changed, and they had a BF special. Got 4 toys, a sweatshirt, pants, and a book for Nina. Later we joined Sharon and Tom at Reston Town Center while we watched my mom sing carols with the rest of the Reston Chorale. The next day Sharon and Tom joined us for a Dim sum brunch at Golden King (a great new place in Sterling) before their flights. Nina loved the chaos. That evening we had an 80s toddler dance party in the kitchen, starting with “Tarzan Boy”. Made up for the case of frostnip Nina got earlier running around outside.

Sharon Nina Tom