Saturday the 4th we walked over to the Lakeside Inn for an early dinner (not bad). Nina had been interested in walking for a while. She’d taken a couple steps last month; that day she took 7 steps (and 6 steps twice). At Falcon Ridge we’d learned she liked bubbles, so we bought a bubble machine. We used it on Sunday and it was a big hit. Feeding her solid food is interesting, she’s very picky and ofter throws it (and sippy cups on the floor). She loves cheese though – so much, we’ve started calling her Gromit.


The next week was busy for me including some late nights working (and take out from Mayuri on the 8th). Saturday the 11th we had a nice afternoon out: Redskins practice, followed by a late lunch at Lost Rhino. The next night was date night: a tasty sushi dinner at Ariake, then The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. I don’t think I care about the movie being in nearly as much as I like the no ads, no trailers, and the movie starting right on time.

Nina Cooley

Tuesday the 14th Nina officially became a walker, starting to prefer walking to crawling. She also joined the clean plate club (although some was on the floor). She had chicken, pasta, green beans and applesauce (the previous night she tried duck, loved it). Wednesday Gus and Emily joined us again for a three day visit, Thursday I joined everyone for lunch at Wegman’s and Friday we had an early dinner at Buffalo Wing Factory. Saturday the 18th she closed the door on me for the first time. I thought I’d have to wait ten years for that.


Sunday the 19th we got our second set of houseguests in a week, Seth and his new wife Michelle, visiting from Australia. They made fajitas for us Tuesday, and Wednesday night we finally celebrated Jill’s birthday in style at Rogue 24 in DC for a fabulous dinner of (very) small plates (we both even liked the frog legs). Unfortunately my wedding ring went AWOL after that night.

Saturday the 25th I made bacon for breakfast and Nina had some. Now we have a new perfect food convert. Sunday was my day to sleep in, and I slept ’til 10:30 – so late Nina was already taking her morning nap and I could jump straight in the shower (just like old times). That afternoon we had a late lunch at Buffalo Wing Factory – or tried to. Slow delivery, wrong food, extra charges, bring everything out at once – we ate our salads while Nina ate her lunch, then took the sandwiches home and ate them while she napped (don’t know why it was such a fail, the previous week it was fine). That evening Dave hosted a game night last night (and grilled burgers) and we (with Rob and Joshua) played Fiasco.