The month started off slowly. Weather wasn’t great on Saturday the 1st, so we cancelled outdoor plans (also Nina wasn’t interested in doing much between being fussy, feeding, and sleeping). Sunday Jill let me sleep in while she and Nina went to church, then Nina slept on my lap through the Skins game while Jill went out for lunch.

Nina in swing

On Saturday the 8th we went to the Reston Oktoberfest. Nina slept through a fair amount of it (including through the polka music as we waited in the beer line). The brats from Clyde’s were good (as was the Old Dominion Octoberfest brew), but the find was Pollo Peru – great charcoal cooked chicken and sauces.

Nina tummytime

Friday the 14th I went to see Terry Pratchett at the National Press Club. He’s fading now, but still is funny. The next night Mom came over for a trial babysitting run, and we went to Paradise for Indian (not bad, but I think there’s better Indian restaurants in Herndon).

Nina and Mom

On Thursday the 20th, I needed to get my car serviced, and Jill and Nina came out and had lunch with me at Pollo Campero in Manassas (they do very nice fried chicken). For my birthday, we took a road trip to Charlottesville on Sunday the 23rd. We went down in the early afternoon, and checked into the Omni right on the Pedestrian Mall. We went out and had dinner at Zocalo where our friend Jeremy is maître d’. Luckily it was warm enough to eat outside, as Nina was unsettled. A great dinner and tour of Southern cuisine – Jill even liked the grits. Next we headed next door for a show by the reunited Jayhawks. It was great, and Nina and Jill stayed long enough so I could dance Nina around during “Blue”. The next morning we had a quick breakfast of paninis at the Calvino Cafe before heading home. Nina traveled well, which made us very happy.

Nina in bouncy chair

Saturday the 29th we headed over to my mom’s house to celebrate my birthday with her and Dad. She made one of my favorite meals, her homemade egg rolls and moo shu pork wraps, along with her homemade applesauce and Cold Stone cake for dessert. Monday was Halloween, and although Nina dressed up nicely (as a chili pepper) and we had lots of candy, we only got 6 trick or treaters.

Nina Halloween

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