Monday, March 1st we took Illa to the vet for his biannual visit, he was as well-behaved as usual (that was delivered with a dollop of sarcasm). Thursday March 3rd was one of favorite shows so far this year, the Killer B’s (Jim Boggia, Tracy Bonham and Bleu) as they played my requests and then played for hours. I didn’t mind not getting a Jim Boggia appearance in a couple years after that.

Sunday March 6th my dad and his girlfriend Patricia were in the area, so I made Jill’s favorite Cajun recipe (four pepper cheesy chicken). It’s one of the most labor intensive recipes I make, and I was pleased it got a good reception. Then on Sunday March 13th we had my mom over for an early St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I cooked corned beef and potatoes and cabbage, she brought the jello salad and her famous shamrock cake.

Thursday the 17th, Stuart and I had dinner at the Chutzpah Deli (I had a split sandwich of spicy turkey and roast beef), then headed over to the Patriot Center and met Pete and his friends, then went inside to see Furthur (featuring two folks from the Grateful Dead). Bobby and Phil were in great form on the second side from Terrapin Station, John K. pulled out a great Dire Wolf, and Stuart rocked the kilt all night long.

Pete and Stuart

The weekends were fairly uneventful in March as we were spending a lot of time finishing unpacking and putting stuff away, as well as decorating. The bedroom furniture arrived on March 19th. Next fun thing was Thursday March 24th, Mark Erelli and Lucy Kaplansky at the Barns At Wolf Trap. Another busy weekend around the house was halted on Saturday the 26th as Illa went crazy to try and get to this groundhog, then on March 29th we found out we’re going to have a baby girl.