Moving in, etc.

Saturday was a hot one, so obviously a good time to move. We packed up everything from Mom’s, then Jill made a run (I’d already brought a load over the night before). We packed for two final loads, then headed over and brought everything inside. The only furniture we had was two camp chairs, so we moved them around to wherever we wanted to sit.

We had a couple possible concerts, but weren’t motivated to do much. But we did require sustenance, and decided on the nearby Lakeside Asia Cafe. It was a wise choice – we shared the sauteed green beans, then i had the shredded beef with peppers and Jill had the pork with garlic sauce. It was really good, our new favorite Chinese place.

Sunday was also hot, so another good day to be outside. We were woken up by the sun (no curtains in the bedroom) and got breakfast at Einstein’s (bagel for Jill, panini for me). We went over to our storage unit and managed to find the cable boxes, some kitchen stuff, and a table and chairs (the latter I had to balance most precariously to get).

In the afternoon we thought we’d visit a waterbed store in Springfield (I love ’em, but want Jill to try them out). Unfortunately Google Maps failed us, as the store there had moved to Woodbridge and wasn’t even open on Sundays. At least we got a nice lunch out of it at El Paso (chimichanga and enchiladas) and stopped at a library booksale. Later on Jill hit Target and I hit Safeway, then we had pasta for dinner.

Monday Jill was off and had over a flooring guy for estimates and maids for cleaning. She had really dug into her new project of stripping the wallpaper from the main floor bathroom. I made breaded chicken and broccoli, then moved the curtains from the dining room to the bedroom, then we watched some Dr. Who.

Today I turned my Indian leftovers into huevos rancheros while I waited for the FiOS installer. He was fairly early in his window, and did a great job. He ran the Ethernet drop into the basement without drilling, gave us a new wireless router and two new remote controls. He was not able to get a cable drop into the craftroom, but we should be able to run it under the carpet.

We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, but then we can always look outside at the view to keep us going.