Three weeks at Mom’s, Herndon Festival, moving in today

I feel good that the third time I moved back to Mom’s it was only for three weeks. It really hasn’t been too bad, plus she’s been on a cruise for the last week. I think Illa was getting tired of not being the only dog – before I took Tati to the kennel on Thursday, he had snarled at her a couple times, though they still were playing well.

Last weekend was the Herndon Festival, and weird to not be walking there at least once. Friday night I got there with enough time to eat a couple tacos from the Tortilla Factory before settling in top watch Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam. He was pretty good, but I left before the end as a downpour was on the way. Saturday I showed up a little after 12 as I did not want to miss my favorite new discovery, eXIT CLoV.

I stayed to watch Justin Trawick, then got a corn dog and sat with Janice until Stuart came back. He and I ducked into O’Sullivan’s, a new Irish bar. We had some 16 year old Irish Whiskey, then I saw their onion rings were called “The Rings Of Kerry” so was forced to get those (with a pint of Kilkenny ale). We ,ade it back to the fest just in time to see my other new discovery, Middle Distance Runner.

Jill had worked that day and headed to the festival, shopping first, but caught some of their set. Next up was Gabe Dixon, who played with a multi-instrumentalist, and drew a nice crowd; Find My Way was one of my faves. Jill wanted Hard Times chili for dinner (don’t have it that often since the Herndon location closed) and I tried empanadas from Don Churro Cafe, I really liked them. Finally we got to see the great Marshall Crenshaw again, who pulled an Eagles move by opening with “Someday, Someway”. He was really good with the band – we saw him solo acoustic before, and it doesn’t compare.

Sunday we relaxed, which was a good idea as the week has been crazy. We thought we might close on the new house on Monday, then Wednesday, and it finally happened on Thursday. We ended up leaving some money on the table, but it would have taken at least four days and a third appraisal to fix that, so we took it. We decided to stay at Mom’s until today as we didn’t really want ot move after work, plus we won’t have phone, cable or internet access until Tuesday (and then we finally get FiOS again).

We cooked last on Monday, trying to not bring food with us. Wednesday we got tacos from Tippy’s Taco House, Thursday I got a personal pizza from Pizza Hut (the one we used to walk to) and last night had takeout from Minerva. The Chilly Bajji was over breaded jalapenos, but the Lamb Pasanda was better. Jill enjoyed her samosas and butter chicken, and they make a good garlic naan. We thought about going to see Rusted Root at Celebrate Fairfax, but stayed home and watched Burn Notice and Paul Tompkins instead. And now we leave Mom’s and move in.