emmet, Mom, ELnoP and a lack of sleep

It’s a been several days of a lot of work and some fun. Saturday I got some work in, then we headed over to Iota to catch emmet swimming‘s first ever “fam­ily show”. The only thing that was especially kid friendly was handing out noisemakers to the kids before “Sunblock” – otherwise it was a nice rock show, with some brand new songs. We wandered around but Jill wanted pizza, so we headed over to the Italian Store. 0 for 2 there (they stop making pizza early), and we ended up at Ray’s Hell Burger for dinner. My burger was the spiciest one I’ve ever had and Jill enjoyed hers.

emmet swimming

Sunday I got a little cleaning and some more work done, then Mom came over and we took her to an early dinner at Amphora. Jill had Chicken Piccata and I had an Italian panini, both tasty. Later I headed over to the Birchmere to catch Keith Emerson and Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The progressive rock icons played epic songs and put on a self indulgent show that I enjoyed, but it wasn’t for everyone (and made more enjoyable for me since I’d heard an earlier show on the tour). The encore of “Lucky Man” was just incredible, totally worth it.

Keith Emerson and Greg Lake

After I got back Sunday night I started work again. I had a deadline Monday morning, and the more I did, the more I realized there was still to do, so just kept going, and soon it was 6AM. So I just took a shower and had breakfast, then went into work, staying until almost 8. We did reward ourselves for dinner as I picked up Pad Thai (for me) and green curry chicken (for Jill) at Thai Basil, very good. Happily I did get some sleep last night and everything was in better shape today.