Beach and back, and family, and more house stuff

After a nice calm weekend last week, this one was full of excitement. Our friends Chris and Jess had rented a house in Rehoboth for the week, and we wanted to go see them. But it didn’t work last weekend, and because we had Saturday night plans we didn’t think it would happen. But Jill had been thinking of going to a 3 day a week schedule (2 16s and an 8), so she did which got her Friday off, and I’ll make up my hours before the end of my pay period.

Getting to Rehoboth was once again an adventure. We usually go through DC, but cherry blossom traffic made us take the Beltway. It backed up in MD and we got off on Wisconsin. We were ready to get back on at Georgia, but the minivan in front of me stopped suddenly, so did I, but the Acura behind me did not. He shoved me into the minivan, and my poor Corolla got the worst of it, damage to both bumpers. Still drivable, and after we all exchanged insurance info we got back on the road. A couple more delays, but not too bad, and it was smooth sailing after the Bay Bridge.

We decided not to stop until Sonic (perhaps a mistake as it’s only 45 minutes from Rehoboth) and had lunch, a burrito and tots for me and a burger and onion rings for Jill. We washed it down with some diet cherry limeades, and were soon at the house. Chris’s mom was there, as well as our friends Chris L. and Amy. We took a walk to the beach and wandered the boardwalk, then back Rehoboth Ave. so Jill and Amy could shop (and Jill found a top she liked).

After we got back, Tim (Chris’s brother) and Debbie showed up, then the kids had dinner (and we all had some cake and Utopias). Then we walked over to Dogfish Head (Chris’s mom was watching the girls) for dinner. Jill got a pizza and I got the fish wrap, and everyone had lots of beer (Aprihop in a cask and Life & Limb were standouts) and many ladies had moustaches. After dinner we played an increasingly sloppy game of Bohnanza that eventually deteriorated into into a dance drunk off (but no injuries worse than hangovers).

Saturday morning we had a bit of breakfast at the house, then got on the road. We stopped for a bigger breakfast at Sonic (more tots and a breakfast Toaster for me, mozzarella sticks and a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich for Jill) and left something very important behind – Jill’s wallet, but wouldn’t notice until we were almost home. The rest of the drive was fine until we had to stop at Michael’s for a knitting needle and found out her wallet was gone. We got home and called the Sonic, and they’d found it right away. I called Chris L. and he could pick it up when he came back the next day.

We got cleaned up, then hopped back in the car, this time with Illa. We stopped at Wegman’s and I bought five live lobsters, then popped them in the cooler. We got to Mom’s and everyone was there to celebrate Dad’s birthday. The lobsters were delicious and Illa had fun playing with Tati. Sharon was only down for 24 hours from Boston, and we took her to Dulles on the way back home, then watched TV (I think it’s the longest delay in watching Chuck yet).

Today was home improvement day. After we met up with Chris L. to get Jill’s wallet, we stopped by Home Depot and loaded up on lightbulbs, bathroom hardware and mulch. Then we went a big outdoor spree, I spent most of the afternoon painting the railing and trim front and back. I also cleaned out the closet and packed some clothes before breaking to grill some chicken for dinner. Since after we finished it was after 11, I decided to call it a night.