I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but we’ve been pretty busy. We hired painters to repaint the whole house, and they started on Monday, so we spent the bulk of last weekend packing.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t have any fun: Saturday we attended a Chuck themed mystery party, Sunday night we saw Beth Patterson at the Old Brogue for her annual show there, and Monday night we went to Panisa Thai for dinner (the chicken with peanut sauce and broccoli was delicious), then saw Silversun Pickups and Muse at the Patriot Center. Muse are a great rock power trio with excellent visuals – reminds me of a Rush/Queen hybrid.

Other than that, we’ve been packing and moving furniture around. The painters were supposed to start on the library (the last room) Friday, but last night said they’d be ready to start today, so I was up ’til 4AM packing books and moving boxes. And half the books are still in the shelves, so we have to tackle that this coming weekend. However I think we’ve earned a night off tonight.