Snowpocalypse 2: Snowmageddon

I was out of the office early on Friday as soon as snow started sticking to the parking lot. I think I left a little early, as accumulation didn’t start for a while at home, and Jill was able to get home safely a couple hours later. I made her favorite winter meal, Cheese and Hot Pepper Chicken, and we shoveled what was there before we went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke to a winter wonderland. I shoveled the steps and sidewalk, then took Illa for a walk. I made oatmeal cherry pancakes for breakfast, then we did another shovel run. I made a gingered chicken dish Jill wasn’t too fond of, then surfed for a while. We shoveled one more time that night, getting most of the snow from around the cars, then I made broiled shrimp with a pineapple salsa and corn fritters for dinner.

parking lot

Sunday it was nice to see no new snow when we woke up, and we went out to finish clearing the cars. We discovered the plows had only made it a third of the way into our parking lot, and went to help get some neighbors’ cars out who needed to get to work. Watched some TV in the afternoon (loved the last two SNL skits), then Jill made guacamole and I assembled a platter of appetizers.

We walked on the street over to the Jewells, where we socialized and pitched in to get the food ready by kickoff. The food was great (especially Janice’s sausage dip), the commercials were ok, and the game itself was really good (we were all rooting for the Saints), made for a great party. When we got home the parking lot was cleared (they must have brought in a front loader), but I went to bed late anyway so I could get to work after rush hour.