NYE Weekend wrapup

Jill was working a 12 hour shift on NYE day, and we both knew she wouldn’t have much energy for the evening, so didn’t plan anything. So we ended up doing appetizers for dinner, starting a fire, reading and watching Foo Fighters videos (from their great new collection) until it was time and switched over to NBC for the ball drop.

I never left the house all three days of the weekend except to walk Illa. Friday we both had large piles of paperwork to get through, plus I started organizing my comics for the first time in months. We had pork chops and stuffing from Whole Foods for dinner, then watched a number of Dollhouse episodes in the evening.

Saturday I finished my comics, then worked on my new computer. I finished transferring all files, then started moving over the HD video I’d captured with my new camera. I was in the mood for a big salad for dinner, so I made one with ham and cheese. It was chilly, so I made hot chocolate and we cuddled up on the couch and watched Up for the first time. Great movie, but I expect that from Pixar at this point.

Sunday I watched the last episode of Doctor Who with the tenth doctor (great coda), read newspapers, then worked on the computer until the football game. Jill brought me a spinach calzone from Pomodoro for lunch, very tasty. I suffered through one last game (I just knew they could find a way to lose), then grilled steak for dinner. We watched some of the Sunday ‘toons, then Jill headed to bed and iwas up way too late on the computer again. I cut back on the general surfing over the weekend, hopefully can get a routine going on videos that isn’t so time consuming.