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Wednesday night we met up with Chris and Jess. It had to be then because of their packed schedule, but Jill ended up getting out of work later then scheduled while working a 12 hour shift, so we didn’t make it over to Alexandria until nearly 9PM. However Del Merei Grille was very close to Chris’ mom’s house where they were staying, and we managed to get there and order before the kitchen closed. It was worth the rush, we shared some of the frickles (still way salty), deviled eggs and taquitos, then Jill and I split the lolla rossa salad. Jill had the jambalaya, and I really enjoyed the brandied peach glazed shrimp. The sweet corn risotto it came with was good, but the hush puppies were amazing. They tasted just like the ones from Chesapeake Bay Seafood House (RIP), which is the highest compliment I could give. Jess and Chris followed my recommendation for dessert, so we all had the carrot cake with the frosting on the side, om nom nom.