Mini golf and pro football

Saturday Jill was out doing errands, and after a nice long run/walk with Illa, we settled on the deck to soak up some Vitamin D and read the paper. I watched some TV in the afternoon, then Jill wanted to play mini golf, so we headed over to Woody’s to play Perils of the Lost Jungle. Wow, they’ve made a lot of changes since we were there last, and it’s a lot of fun. Of course, it’s even more fun when you win.

I grilled steak for dinner, and it was great. No reason to go to a steakhouse, and we haven’t been to one for a couple years. Two new good ideas for the dinner: Jill suggested roasting the potatoes with some whole garlic cloves in the oven, and I mashed some garlic and herb cheese together with some butter to go on top the steaks, both came out perfectly.

Today we went to the Skins game. I’d planned on going to this one for a while, but I bid on an eBay auction Thursday morning, won it in the afternoon, and they arrived by overnight shipping Friday afternoon. We arrived at FedEx Field right before kickoff via Metro, but opted to answer the call of nature and get some chow and drinks before sitting down. Good thing nothing happened on the first two possessions.

The seats were pretty sweet, 8 rows up in the corner of the western end zone. Too bad there wasn’t more offense in the game, but we were happy with the win. We actually were just leaving the stadium during the last play – we assumed the defense would make the final stop. The trip back was a little crowded, but still fairly easy.

On the way back Jill said she was in the mood for Thai food – her treat, and I couldn’t argue with that. One idea I had was to cook the edamame we’d gotten from the CSA in the same way we’d had it at the Cultured Pearl: steamed, then sauteed in oil with garlic, salt and red pepper flakes. It came out pretty good, and Jill agreed. The food from Thai Luang was delicious as well. I had the crispy duck and Jill had the green curry, both as spicy as they needed to be.