From Adrianne to Zukerman

Last night we headed over to Jammin’ Java. Jill really likes Natalia Zukerman, so we made a rare school night visit there, getting there right before the show started. I was under the impression that she was going on first and that Adrianne was the headliner from the listing, but it turned out to be a co-bill where they took turns playing songs, and mostly joining in on each other’s songs. We weren’t familiar with Adrianne, but we should have been – she’s written a lot of songs with Nate Borofsky, and if we hadn’t skipped the Girlyman show at Wolf Trap in April we would have seen her open for them. Both made good choices on songs they played (including “Howard Hughes” by Natalia and “Burn Me Up” by Adrianne), and ended their first set with a pair of fun covers: Adrianne tackling Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” and Natalia with Peter Mulvey’s “Shirt”. Unfortunately with the break they took it was after 9:30 before they started playing again, so we had to leave, but it was good to see what we did.

Natalia Zukerman & Adrianne