A little bit of Chickenfoot

I do go to a lot of concerts, and sometimes I overextend myself. It was in the middle of Phish last Saturday when I realized this was going to be one of those weeks, with shows last Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and last night, plus this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The first thing I decided to get rid of was my ticket for Chickenfoot last night, since it was a weeknight show in Baltimore and those are always a pain. When that wasn’t selling on Craigslist, Jill let me know she wasn’t really interested in going to the Steve Miller band on Thursday and I sold those, then the four shows I was interested in going to on Saturday imploded.

First Whitesnake was opening for Judas Priest, and I haven’t seen them and would really like to. But vocalist David Coverdale hurt his voice and they dropped off the tour. Next I haven’t seen Mötley Crüe yet either and they’re touring with the original lineup, but Tommy Lee hurt his hand this week, and the house concert we were interested in going to with Beth Patterson sold out. That left The Romantics and Survivor at the restarted Loudoun Summer Music Fest, but then Jill informed me she’d rather go to the beach.

So that left us with only a concert Friday, and no takers for my ticket for the concert last night, so I decided to go after my HOA meeting and I came home and we had a quick pizza. I left around 9, and made ok time to Baltimore. I thought I knew where the Lyric Opera House, got it confused with the Meyerhoff and had to call Jill for clarification.

I still managed to get in, saw the 30 minutes. Why would I go to such lengths? Chickenfoot is supergroup, former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony with legendary guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers. And they’re a real band, with a new album and videos (although My Kinda Girl is the best song). They’re pretty great together, reminded me of my first Van Halen show. Was it worth having to drive back in heavy rain? Oh Yeah.