Phishy Blues

Friday I got out of work early to go have a massage, then came home, took Illa for a run and made chicken with Basil for dinner. We watched some TV and read, then went to bed as we were both pretty tired. Saturday I got up and did some Wii exercising, then had some breakfast and read papers. In the afternoon Stuart picked me up and we drove up to Merriweather Post Pavilion to see Phish. We stopped at the nearby mall to get some food, then headed into the parking lot to find our friends Susan and Jehan who had arrived early. Jehan had headed in to get a good seat on the lawn, so we tailgated with Susan and some of her friends for a while, then we went in and found Jehan and talked for a while, then headed to our seats.

It was only my fourth time seeing Phish – I like them, but they haven’t overwhelmed me like other bands. Still, they’re touring again after reuniting, and reviews have been good, so I thought I should go. They played a lot of new songs in the first set – I’m most familiar with “Kill Devil Falls” and “Time Turns Elastic”, enjoyed those with classic tunes like “Axilla”. The second set had some more classics like Tweezer and “Harry Hood”, as well as a great band version of Trey’s “Let Me Lie”, and they finished with a nice “Good Times, Bad Times” in the encore.

Today we slept in, then I took Illa for a walk and made us some French toast. In the afternoon I spent a while fixing my mom’s computer and making dinner, then we headed over to Wolf Trap for Taj Mahal & Bonnie Raitt. We packed a picnic of grilled pork and mangos over a black bean salsa, as well as some chopped fruit and guacamole and chips. The show started out with Taj Mahal playing some blues, then Bonnie came out for some tunes, then she brought out Taj for some more, and we left soon after that. Jill’s gotta get up early, so she’s already in bed.