Fitter with Wii

Yesterday I finished the 30 day challenge with EA Sports Active. It’s actually 20 workouts, doing two in a row, then taking a day off. I took a couple days longer than 30 – doing real life things like concerts and 5Ks sometimes got in the way, but it just treats it as another day off, doesn’t try and punish you like Wii Fit. It does use the balance board sometimes, but it’s optional.

It’s more like working with a real trainer, so it’s interesting to compare Jill and my experiences, as she’s been working with a real one. My opinion is both this one and a real one will kick your ass. Wii Fit nags you to do stuff, but EASA will just tell you what to do and when to do it. It’s a lot easier to keep going all the way. Now I’m going to do a mix of custom exercises and roll your own stuff.