I’m on a boat!

Jill was tired Friday evening, but I made a quick dinner and headed over to downtown Herndon to see Love Seed Mama Jump. They were pretty good and it was nice to see the Jewells, but I was tired and being overcharged for beer didn’t help.

Saturday was busy, as we were trying to leave by 2 and make a grilled chicken Caesar salad before we left. But we left not too late, traffic was bad on our preferred route but ok over the Wilson Bridge, and we were at the boat early. Our second weekend in a row at the western shore of the bay, this time for a house concert on a boat. We had to wait for all the folks to show up, but soon we we were on the water, sharing the food we’d brought.

Jill on a boat

The reason we were there was to see Jake Armerding, and he performed two sets on the custom stage on the front of David’s catamaran. We’d seen him at workshop stages at FRFF, as well as his recent sideman gig with efo, but this was our first chance to see him on his own. He put a good show, playing both guitar and fiddle. It was a great day for a day out on the water, too.


Today we went out for brunch with our friends Dave and Hannah to Mon Ami Gabi, a French bistro in Reston. I liked the brunch offerings, but couldn’t resist an open face lamb sandwich (my salad did have an egg in it, though). Jill opted for French onion soup and a ham and cheese crepe. Very good, and we were too stuffed for a proposed post brunch gelato.

Aside from a little exercising, the afternoon was lazy, mostly spent indoors reading. I grilled some chicken with BBQ sauce and we split a baked potato for dinner, now it’s movie time (Once or Kung Fu Panda).

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