Leesburg and Liberty

Friday was a short night of burgers and newspapers. Saturday I got up, exercised, and managed to sprain my foot, which meant a bit less mobility for the weekend than planned. I read papers, watched TV and played with Illa.

Jill made chicken wraps for dinner, then we took them with us to Leesburg and their Saturday night concert series to see Todd Wright. I always enjoy seeing Todd, but this was a special performance as he was joined by old Excentrics guitarist Dan Rebeiz. We were having fun, but right as they began a second set, the rain began to fall. Jill and I were fine in our chairs with the little umbrellas, but they ended up cutting it a bit short. We came home and I walked Illa, then we finally watched the last of Reaper (shame they canceled it, but they ended it in a good place).

Today I took it easy – my foot’s feeling better, but I didn’t want to push it. I did the elliptical machine for a while, then finished off with some bicycle crunches and made breakfast. After that I enjoyed some sun on the deck while I read the paper, then cam back in and cleaned for a while. I stopped before it got too late, showered and we left early to meet my family at The Liberty Tavern in Clarendon. No one else was there, so we had some drinks at the bar, as my dad, then my mom showed. Sharon was later than usual thanks to some delays on the Red Line – no problem seating us, though. We had a good dinner, Jill had the Tavern salad and the skirt steak while I had the apple and endive salad and the Yorkshire Pudding (with goat cheese, nice twist on a classic). Since we were there to celebrate my mom’s birthday and an early Father’s Day, we ordered desserts for them, a slice of black forest cake for Mom and Key Lime cookies for Dad, both pretty tasty.

We had a gift exchange in the parking garage in Clarendon, easier to meet after dinner and not bring things into the restaurant (especially since one of things I had for Dad was a fan). Felt a bit like being a spy, or a newspaper source. We headed home, then Jill walked Illa and I hopped online (for the first all weekend, much easier with no auctions going on).