Working out and Bangles

Friday we both had long days, finished it off with some burgers that I didn’t have much luck with on the grill (falling apart), but they tasted just fine.

Saturday I started out strong – I bought the new EA Sports Active for the Wii, and did my first session, it was pretty good. Next I made some breakfast, then since it was hot we all retired to the basement. Illa napped and was (reluctantly) brushed while Jill and I read. I actually read a book, I’d started a trilogy on my trip and wanted to finish the third book while the others were fresh in my mind. I also got outside to walk Illa and trim some grass.

I was planning on grilling hot dogs for dinner, but Jill was in the mood for Don Pablo’s, so we headed over there. We had queso (of course), but it came out late, probably for the best as we didn’t finish it for once. Jill had the combo fajitas, and I had the grilled chicken taco trio, with an extra side of veggies. Next we headed over to the State Theatre in Falls Church to see The Bangles, whom I’d never seen. I wasn’t sure what to expect as tix weren’t cheap, but the place was close to sold out. The bad thing about that was we had to stand in back. The good thing was they played some crucial hits early, and we didn’t stay ’til the end – My exact words to Jill were “I’m staying until they play ‘Hazy Shade Of Winter’, and wouldn’t you know they played that first (we didn’t leave right away).

Sunday I once again woke and trained on the Wii (harder this time), didn’t make breakfast ’cause Jill went and got bagels. We did some long overdue work on the front and back yards, weeding and trimming. I finally finished my book in the afternoon, and I made a salad and grilled steaks for dinner. Afterwards we watched 3 out of the last 4 hours of 24, but by then Jill was falling asleep. I was too busy being bothered by the fictitious landmarks (Washington Central Metro stop? Get on I-70 from DC).

Today I was very slow to get up, as my muscles had decided to rebel after two days of working out. Good thing the program had called for a day of rest, ’cause that’s what I did. Aside from making breakfast (omelette), lunch (hot dogs) and dinner (ribs), I didn’t do much, mostly read comics and surfed. We did watch the finale of 24 (huh?) and the premiere of Glee (we both liked it, too bad the final 30 seconds weren’t on our recording thanks to stupid AI running over and I had to find it online).