People are strange

And by that I mean me, of course. Why did I wear a Windows Mobile hat all day in the hope of being spotted and winning a phone? Especially when I had already won a second one (this time a Blackjack) this week before lunch? Who knows – people go crazy for swag, and I guess I’m no exception (although I’m not bringing home that much stuff).

I actually made it to the Convention Center with plenty of time for breakfast, got a croissant and egg sandwich and sausage. Lunch was the best yet, all Mexican – fajitas and enchiladas (though not even close to dinner on Sunday). After it was over, I had planned on going over to Grand Central for dinner. I did, but they had just closed, so I headed back to the hotel since I hadn’t made a back up plan. I thought about just hitting the Carl’s Jr. across the street, but decided it was silly to do that when I was staying in the middle of Koreatown. So I put a couple beers on ice, then did a quick search for good takeout nearby. One place repeatedly mentioned was BCD Tofu House, and it was only a little more than a block away, so I headed out.

I ordered my takeout, went outside to wait, and had it and was on my way quickly. It was a nice touch to add a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the plastic bad, ensuring everything arrived in perfect condition. I started with the soup – soondubu (or tofu), which included oysters, clams, whole shrimp, beef, and tofu. It was very spicy (which was good), but there wasn’t much of the protein, and lots of tofu (not a big fan). Luckily I’d also gotten an order of the pork bulgogi, and plopping the pork and onions in the soup resulted in a very satisfying meal (there was also kimchee, always a treat).

After dinner I was experiencing a lousy wireless connection, so went to the lobby to surf for a while before Lost. Yeah, I wished I coulda seen it in HD like the rest of the season, but I hate being spoiled, so I couldn’t wait. It was a fabulous season finale – the last season should be interesting. I may not blog again for a couple days, headed home on a red eye tomorrow night.