My new favorite store

Is Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Browsing through used CDs while a concert is going on? Awesome.

The day was good, breakfast (eggs and sausage) and lunch (Asian style chicken and pork) weren’t bad, and the sessions were decent. After they were over, there was a reception in the vendor area, where they stole my idea of mini foods. I tried the mini Reuben, but it wasn’t that great (although I did like the idea of made to order salads served in Chinese takeout containers), plus it was incredibly crowded, and I had something better to do.

So I took the subway to Hollywood & Vine, and walked over to Amoeba. There was a little time before the show, so I remembered to call Jill before she went to bed, and we finished right as the Meat Puppets started. I was never a huge fan, although I did see them 3 times in 1994 (at the HFStival and opening for Blind Melon and Stone Temple Pilots) and I haven’t followed them for a while, but it was good. I only knew two of the songs – I’d checked them out online and listened to the first single, plus they played “Comin’ Down” from Too High to Die. I couldn’t resist browsing after a while, good thing as I was still going strong for a while after they finished.

I went looking for dinner, but I went 0 for 2 on the places I’d researched (apparently tough for some restaurants to survive in the area). The third time was the charm, but then a place like Lucky Devils must have some luck. And I felt lucky – they were on the list of best burger places in LA, and it was an easy choice after I read the words “Kobe Diablo burger”. The “fire slaw” it came with was interesting – and Jill friendly (no mayo), but the burger was the star – delicious beef (actually a Wagyu/Angus mix) with bacon and hot sauce. I thought I wasn’t having dessert, but the toasted pecan shake is quite a treat (and you know I couldn’t resist after the waitress told me they drizzled a chocolate jalapeño sauce over it). I headed back to the room to watch Castle before going online for a bit.