Two shows on Friday, a matinee on Sunday

Friday I did indeed take the day off and we headed into DC on Metro. We we were the first people to show up at XM’s studios, so we had to wait about 20 minutes for everyone to show up, including fellow Edhead Jen. We went up a floor, and had to wait a few minutes before being ushered into the very nice performance area (with very comfortable chairs). There were two chairs, and one had a very familiar guitar next to it, so we guessed correctly that the next two people to enter would be Robbie Schaefer and John Jennings. They played for an hour, and they had fun – it was reminiscent of Robbie’s banter with Mike. It was mostly songs of Robbie’s new album, all my favorites too.

Afterwards we headed over to Chinatown and had lunch at Nando’s Peri Peri, a South African chain making it’s way into the area. They mostly just do chicken, and it was scrumptious – I had mine plain with hot sauce, Jill had hers on a Mediterranean salad, plus we shared some hummus with pita pieces. Very good, and filling. After we got back to where we’d parked the car in Ballston, we went exploring near Lake Barcroft (another future place-to-live possibility), then hit the booksale at George Mason Library. We stopped by my mom’s for me to update her computer, and she was home so we chatted for a while and played with Tati.

We headed home and I made nachos for a lighter dinner, then headed over to Wolf Trap, where once again we were late for the opener. Meg Hutchinson was pretty good from what we heard, but Lucy Kaplansky was really good. The funny thing about the day was Jill had seen that Robbie was opening for Lucy in Boston, but wouldn’t be around here, and she was disappointed, but we did kinda see him open for her – just that she played hours later.

Saturday we had a neighborhood cleanup, and I spent some time cleaning up trash and recyclables from behind our house and the nearby creek. When I picked up a waterlogged leather jacket and brought it over to the bank to get the water out, a tadpole came out – I threw him back in. Jill was out woolgathering, so I had the place to myself, and read papers and watched TV. I grilled some very tasty burgers (with bacon) for dinner, then we watched a double header of “Dollhouse” before heading to bed.

Today I got up and did some Wii Fit and played some Lost Winds, then finished an eBay auction, then headed out to catch a matinee of Wolverine. I liked it, but it felt like I’d seen it before – maybe I’ve read too many versions of his origin. I definitely liked the assembling of mutants, and I thought casting was good. Later I took pork I’d left in the crock pot and pulled it apart, then added some BBQ sauce and made sandwiches and coleslaw for dinner.