Cleaning and strolling

Friday I made a chicken cordon bleu salad (Italian meat, chicken fingers, Swiss cheese and marinated artichoke hearts in addition to the usual salad fixings) which was pretty good, and then watched Definitely, Maybe, which was really good (especially since it starred Ryan Reynolds, and I’ve only really liked him in Waiting…).

Saturday I worked some more on straightening out the basement, now we’ve got a little more room. Jill went over to see Janice and drop some books off, and we got invited to their steak and martini night – they didn’t have enough steak, but fortunately I was already marinating some chicken for fajitas in my default sauce (jalapeño juice, soy sauce and olive oil). So we went over, had martinis, then Stuart and I grilled the meat, which we had with a fabulous salad Janice made. It was a fun night catching up – sometime we’ll have one at our house (after the cleaning is finished of course).

Today I read papers while I watched Coachella (the movie), then we took Illa over to Reston to walk around Lake Audubon. I grilled burgers and hot dogs dinner, then we watched the two recent eps of Dollhouse (it’s really getting good, good time to air Prison Break in its place next week and announce they’re not going to air the final ep).