Bach-ing it, Syfy style with a doped up dog

Jill and I went out to dinner Monday Angeethi, a nearby Indian place (very good) before she went to her mom’s for a week (and got to hang out with all her sisters), so it’s just been me and Illa. I’ve been watching an insane amount of TV, I had to practically empty the DVR to make room for a Syfy marathon and then start watching before it finished.

First, it is a silly name change (be sure and read the comments), but it’s alway been a good channel for me. They did do one thing that bothered me – I wanted to watch the last nine episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise since HDNet stopped airing them last year due to a contractual dispute, but when I recorded them off Sci-Fi Channel HD last week, they weren’t being shown in HD. When I went finding out why, it turned out that HDNet still had the right to air them in HD and was now airing them not once a week but twice a day, which meant they caught up to where I wanted to see this week.

That would not ordinarily have been a problem, except I haven’t been watching the second half Battlestar Galactica because I wanted to see it in HD (I stopped watching when we went on vacation), and they decided to do the marathon on Friday, leading up to the series finale. So that meant I had to average 4-5 hours a night of TV every night of the week before Friday as I watched all the HD content, getting down to an all time low of 10% full on Friday morning as the DVR was ready to record 15 hours of HD that day (in addition to the BSG eps, there were two Enterprise eps as well as the usual Friday night lineup of Terminator and Dollhouse).

I’d dropped Illa off at the vet Friday morning for his first ever teeth cleaning (he was very upset at the no food or drink after 9PM the night before rule as that meant no treat before bedtime), and picked him up on the way home. They’d doped him up for the procedure, but he seemed normal when I got him, so I decided to walk him home. It went well at first, but he started slowing down and stopped about half way home. I had three options – wait for him to feel better, carry him home, or go and get the car. We waited a little while, but he wasn’t interested in moving, so I tried him to a tree and sprinted home. He was fine when I got there, and we went home where he proceeded to crash (except for some yogurt for dinner). I settled in for some TV watching and watched a 7 hours of TV and made an Italian salad, then went to bed when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Saturday I took a break from TV, heading up to Maryland to help my sister move apartments. She thought it wouldn’t take more than a couple hours, but between that and taking some of her furniture to Mom’s it took more than 7. Dad was there all day as well – I thought I’d be helping him, but at 75 I think he’s stronger than me. We also had some of Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza, and it was surprisingly good. Afterwards I made a quick trip to CD Cellar, then headed back home. Illa was fine, he still didn’t have much energy and slept most of this evening as well. I had some frozen chicken and potato wedges for dinner, then more TV.

Today I made some DVDs, started some auctions, walked Illa and spent a fair part of the afternoon on the deck reading newspapers. I grilled a lamb chop and sautéed spinach and made mac and cheese for dinner, then watched even more TV. I had finished Enterprise yesterday, and just finished BSG. Both ran 4 seasons, but Enterprise only really got good in the last two. Unfortunately Enterprise’s final episode suffered by the producers not leaving it in the hands of the capable writers they’d hired as showrunners and doesn’t live up to the standard set by the rest of the season. The same cannot be said of BSG, which finished off in magnificent fashion. I’ve really liked the politics of the revival, but the last ep had it all: action, politics, romance and comedy. Throw in some nods to the original, and I was very happy with the ending. Worth the effort of watching the rest of the season in HD, too – too bad we only got SciFi HD last fall, sometime I’ll watch the whole thing again on BluRay.