Friday out, the rest of the weekend in

Friday night Jill picked up Stuart at home, then came by work and we drove over to Jammin’ Java. We got there with plenty of time to get good seats for Red Molly. It was a good thing, as their opening set for efo last month brought a number of new fans and it was nearly sold out, pretty good for their third show in the area. It was a good set from them, with Summertime, The End Of The Line and Crazy In Love. The best was their encore of “May I Suggest” – and a fine song that now I’ve got on video:

After the show, we headed over to the Vienna Inn. Stuart’s sister-in-law was having her birthday, and he invited us along. We had to enjoy the house specialty – the chili dog (I had two) along with some onion rings and cole slaw. We had met several members of Janice’s family before, and it was fun catching up with everyone. Since the show was so early, we even made it home by 11.

Saturday and Sunday I stayed home. I fought my ever growing DVR down to a better amount – marathons of Burn Notice and Leverage, plus Jill and I watched a lot of 24 today. I made 3 dvds and started on another, as well as my first set of auctions this year. We had some leftover chicken and pasta at night, but Jill made a beef barley soup for lunch today and I tried a new French toast recipe (I liked it more than Jill). We’re still watching 24 and wondering how much snow will fall by tomorrow morning (our first real snow storm of the year).