The late weekend update

I was too tired to blog last night, so here’s the review.

Friday was the usual – Jill studying, I watched The Invasion. Ok take on a classic, weird how the other two movies I recently watched starred Nicole Kidman or Daniel Craig. Saturday I didn’t do much until my work’s employee recognition bash. We showed up early ’cause Jill was on a schedule, enjoyed drinks and dinner with the coworkers, then split. Then I watched the football playoffs while she studied, then very late bedtime for both of us.

Sunday I went out and ran errands, mostly because I wanted to go to Micro Center and pick up a bunch of stuff (DVDs, cases, cables, etc.). I got back and watched the rest of the playoffs, pretty good games but I don’t have a favorite yet. I think the winner of the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game will win the Super Bowl, though. I ended starting dinner so late we didn’t eat until after 11 – possibly the latest dinner we’ve ever had. Hopefully the energy I’ve saved up by doing not much of anything recently will get me through the next few weeks…