Artists To Watch 2009

Band Song Next area appearance Why them
01. Jukebox The Ghost Hold It In Change is in the air, and what better sounds to start off with the best new local group, a jangly bit of piano pop. Check out the video for some nice Peanuts based humor.
02. Katy Perry Hot N Cold 4/10/09 9:30 You’ve probably heard it already, but I just could not get it out of my head. If you’re earwormed too, you’re welcome.
03. Lindsey Buckingham The Right Place to Fade 3/10/09 Verizon Center The Fleetwood Mac pop mastermind veers back to sounding like his band after his last solo album, and that’s a good thing.
04. Red Molly May I Suggest 1/18/08 Birchmere While the three members are talented players (not just guitar, also banjo, Dobro and mandolin), it’s this acapella number that grabbed me.
05. Ben Arthur Tattoo The first (of three) videos I recorded.
06. Crooked Still Did You Sleep Well? Artists To Watch vets, back with a new lineup and great songs (and another video of mine).
07. Gary Louris She Only Calls Me On Sundays 2/10/09 Birchmere The ex-Jayhawk marries his sound with some gospel. Great album and tour, but next year he re-teams with Mark Olson – watch out for that.
08. Ellis Paul Abiola 1/16/09 Andy’s From his kids album, a scintillating duet with Antje Duvekot.
09. Jim Boggia To And Fro The power pop master returns with another round of great songs.
10. She And Him Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? This list doesn’t mesh too often with the best of lists, but the collaboration of actress Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward is something special.
11. Jim’s Big Ego Everything Must Go 1/22/09 Jammin’ Java My favorite song about death all year. Jim’s duet partner is Jennifer Kimball.
12. Vampire Weekend Oxford Comma 2/28/08 Richmond Coliseum Again a popular choice, but their Paul Simon/Peter Gabriel influenced world pop is danged catchy.
13. Dar Williams Buzzer 1/26/09 The National I’ll bet we’ll never hear a poppier song based on the social psychology experiments. Also the last of my videos.
14. Steven Wilson Harmony Korine From the Porcupine Tree mastermind’s first solo record. I don’t like it as much as the Tree, but it’s still got a great riff.
15. Great Big Sea Company of Fools Listen to this and you’ll know why we want to go on a cruise with them.
16. Thea Gilmore Rosie A softer track than usual, but a nice melody.
17. Extreme Run They reunited two years ago, but this year they wrote a new album, here’s the best groove.
18. The Feeling I Thought It Was Over These guys are huge in the UK, this is why.
19. Lenka The Show 5/?/09 Herndon Festival There were lots of female singer/piano players this year (Sara Bareilles was good too), but only Lenka will be playing minutes away from us next summer.
20. Queen + Paul Rodgers Say It’s Not True This song is a great summary for the supergroup – Brian and Roger start on their own, then Paul swoops in – it’s a kind of magic.
21. Robbie Schaefer Evergreen 1/16-18/08 Birchmere The reason I couldn’t finish until the last minute, the CD was not released until a day before our party. A lovely coda for the disc and the year.

Leftovers (in no particular order):
Absentstar – Half Life
Amanda Palmer – The Point of It All
Amie Miriello – I Came Around
Ben’s Brother – Stuttering
Catie Curtis – Soul Meets Body
Gemma Hayes – Out Of Our Hands (featuring Kevin Shields)
Kate Voegele – Only Fooling Myself
Matt Nathanson – Gone
Natalia Zukerman – Better Me
Ruut – Sweetest Thing
Slow Runner – Trying To Put Your Heart Back Together
Snow Patrol – Crack The Shutters
The Takeover UK – Lean On It
These United States – The Business

No Christmas mix CD this year – barely got one disc done in time. Maybe I’ll plan better next year.