Repeal Day weekend

Friday was the most social part of the weekend. Jill had made a chicken tender salad for dinner and we wolfed that down, then headed out to Georgetown. A number of her classmates were getting together at Garret’s, and we parked in a garage and headed over. We had a nice evening chatting with folks, it was in a small room upstairs. It was a coincidence we were at a bar on the 75th anniversary of Repeal Day, but I took full advantage of it.

Saturday I was on my own for the most of the day, and mostly watched TV and caught up on newspapers. I forgot to mention earlier that Jill’s classmate and friend Kelly has been staying with us since Monday, since she didn’t want to keep her apartment through December, and her and Jill were off studying during the day. I grilled some burgers for dinner. Later on I built a fire and we watched the Colbert Christmas Special and the Tenacious D movie – both pretty fun. Today I had a full day on the computer (auctions, DVDs, CDs, etc.) – good thing as Kelly and Jill were studying here. Now I need to go make some pulled pork so we can have sandwiches for dinner, then I’ll watch the game when it comes on.