George Carlin tribute

Last night I met Jill in Foggy Bottom, then we headed over to Circle Bistro nearby for dinner. We both had the pre-theatre menu, both starting with the butternut squash soup (rich, creamy heaven after the cold wind) and the hanger steak with potatoes (very good). For dessert she had the chocolate bread pudding and I had the fruit crumble. I liked the crumble, but the candied ginger was overpowering and sometimes had me thinking I was in the middle of eating sushi.

We got in the car and parked closer to the Kennedy Center, then walked the rest of the way. We got in right at 8, but they started late (only my third time being in a TV audience, not sure if it’s always that way). The George Carlin tribute was very entertaining, and the Post review nails it. Definitely check out the red carpet interviews (which has some good advice from Jon Stewart for the Post). I laughed pretty hard, hardest during the Lewis Black and Stephen Colbert bits. I watched a lot of Carlin after he passed, and he was one of the greats, which the TV special will show. I’m grateful we got the chance to see him once.